Hickeys: the Original Tramp Stamp

We treat kissing so casually, but we shouldn’t treat it lightly. A kiss is powerful. Emotional. Personal. God breathed into dust and created a man, and what is kissing besides the intimate exchange of breaths?

 –excerpt The Cinderella Rule

Found this on Pinterest. Love it. It’s true.

How is this attractive? You never look as cute as you think you do when kissing. Reality: kissing is cute on movies, when little kids open-mouth you or another little one, when the bride and groom kiss for the first time, and when a husband kisses his wife. 
Locking lips in public makes everyone uncomfortable. Stop doing it! 
Be that girl!
Make that man work for you. Kisses are to be earned, not freely given to any passerby asking for one. Hold them tightly and for heaven’s sake girls, don’t let that guy get too frisky with you. Keep the kissing to the face only. 
Hickeys are not trophies to be displayed, announcing to the world that you let a guy suck on your neck like a vacuum hose. 
We know you didn’t burn yourself with your curling iron. Although I did burn myself once. 
Notice there’s no bruising, just redness from the intense heat since I cranked that ceramic curling iron as hot as it would go. Not good for my hair and not good for my neck.
I’ll tell you a secret: when you’re married, your husband doesn’t feel the need to “brand” you. His ring is on your finger and he can give you hickeys in less obvious places. That’s all I can say right now. 
Treasure your kisses!!!! A man who loves you will work for them. He will wait for them. He will cherish them. 
Every girl deserves this:

Remember, every guy you kiss might be someone else’s future husband. Keep it sweet. Keep it soft. Keep it special.

Your take:
    Should you kiss on the first date? Should girls kiss a guy first? Are hickeys cool? Leave a comment.



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October 16, 2012

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