Frenemy Friday: Revenge

Hi!! Got plans for the weekend? Wish I could join you. I’m sure we’d have fun!

I’m actually a little heated this morning. I just got off the phone with my sister who is dealing with some heartache. Aren’t my mom and sister cute? I love being the big sister.

What I want to scream at the people responsible:

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It’s interesting how people deal with situations. My sister is taking the high road. In the midst of a dozen phone calls from concerned people, she refuses to “out” anyone, not wanting to cause dissension.

I call this “Sis tip #1”:

I’m proud of you. God’s proud of you.

Her mother-in-law wants to come down there and “take somebody outside.” I wouldn’t mess with her.

Our mother threatened to write a strongly-worded letter. She blogged about it instead. Read it here.

Me? I’m going to express myself through Pinterest. Again.

I don’t know why some people feel the need to say hurtful things, or comment on sensitive issues in other people’s lives. It’s especially disturbing when people in power do it because there is no recourse. Usually you have to suck it up and move on, dragging your wounded heart with you.

The Bible says vengeance is God’s; He will repay (Romans 12:19). It’s hard to wait on Him when you want the other person to have something horrible happen right away. We have this desire for revenge but the sweetness we think it will bring turns bitter in our spirits.

Letting God “get someone back” for you is always the best way. His anger is a righteous one and if a fellow believer needs disciplined, He is the One to administer it. Make sure your own heart is pure and holy before you tattle. Beth Moore gave a great illustration once about humility. If you’re on your knees, you’re not in the path of His swinging arm of justice.

Right now my sister is in this place:

Here’s where I am, minus the smiley face:

The older we get, the more people we meet, the more chances we have to hurt someone’s feelings. Sometimes it’s unintentional and if we’re honest, sometimes it’s intentional. I felt the sting of someone’s hurtful decisions this past week. After I excused myself from the room, I leaned against the cold tile of the bathroom wall and prayed for God to keep tears from flowing and for me to get a grip of myself.

As a rule, I rarely use the “p” word, as it is distasteful and crude.
However, sometimes it’s the word that makes the point.

We are supposed to love everyone, dear heart, but let me tell you something. Some people are not worth crying over.

One of my youth girls came over unexpectedly a few weeks ago, in tears over a relationship with a friend. Her friend was worth crying over and I let her weep, talk, and cry some more. Some relationships are worth fighting for.

How do you know if you should let a relationship go or fight for it?

If this is how you feel, you’ve already let it go.

I’m glad God doesn’t do that to us, though. I’m glad He still cares when we hurt Him. I’m glad He thinks about us even when we turn our backs. I’m grateful for the immeasurable grace He bestows on us, and we, who don’t deserve His mercy, need to share it with others.

To the woman who hurt my sister, I’m 99% sure you’ll never see this post, and that’s okay. I’m sorry you find freedom in the position you hold to reveal other people’s insecurities and personal matters in a public forum.

To my sister, the only words that matter are God’s.



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October 18, 2012

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    I am just so sorry that all of you had to suffer this indignity. Love you Clella