Working with Me


I’ve been crafting proposals for clients since 2013 and working as a freelance marketing consultant since 2017.

Former VP and co-owner of Platinum Literary Services (now retired), in which we focused on proposal creation and marketing strategy for writers, as well as conducting marketing strategy for authors with a traditional publishing house. 

**For full biography and awards list, please see my Media page.


MFA in Communications, focusing on marketing and PR

BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Humanities and Behavioral Social Science and a minor in Criminology 


Multiple awards for writing, marketing, and broadcast campaigns.

My Approach:

I believe in a readers-focused approach when it comes to book proposals and the craft of writing, and an audience-focused approach when it comes to social media and platform-building.

Marketing is a trial-and-error “others-focused” endeavor that takes patience, consistency, and the ability to pivot when necessary.

I help writers and business owners determine a marketing strategy that will work for them in the time frame they need with the resources available to them.

When it comes to agenting...

The agent/author relationship is a partnership. Just as an agent is your representative within the publishing industry, clients also represent their agent, so it’s important that we’re a good fit.

I consider myself to be an editorial agent, which means I assist my clients at no charge for help with their proposals, marketing strategy, edits, etc. 

No agent is better than the wrong agent, so if you’re looking for information about my process as an agent,  I’ve created a separate page with some Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom.


Please note: A consultation for marketing strategy does not indicate or imply that the I will represent you as a literary agent. Also, pursuant to the AALA Canon of Ethics, you cannot query me with queries, proposals, or manuscripts that I work on editorially. There is also no guarantee of representation from any agent within the C.Y.L.E. agency.

Services Offered

  • Query Critiques
  • Proposal Reviews
  • First Pages Critiques
  • Strategy Sessions

 Are We a Good Fit?

I’m best suited for nonfiction proposals and query critiques/first pages for MG, YA, and adult fiction.

I am not available for picture books or synopsis critiques. 

Critiques & Proposal Reviews

Get a publishing professional’s perspective on your query package, first pages, and proposals.

Please note: Critiques and reviews are one-pass only. All materials must be submitted as a Microsoft Word attachment,
12-pt font, Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1″ margins. 

Query Critique

Includes written feedback on your query, up to 500 words.

Price: $40.

Query Critique + Call

Includes written feedback on your query, up to 500 words, plus up to a 15-minute call via either phone or Zoom. We can discuss the critique or anything related to publishing.

Price: $90

Query Critique + First 5 Pages

Includes written feedback on your query, as well as the first five pages of your manuscript.
Please note:
I am not critiquing picture book manuscripts at this time.

Price: $100.

Query Critique + First 5 Pages + Call

Includes written feedback on your query and the first five pages of your manuscript, plus a call via either phone or Zoom for up to 30 minutes. We can discuss the critique, pages, or anything related to publishing during this time.

Price: $150.

Nonfiction Proposal Review

Includes an in-depth review and written feedback on your nonfiction book proposal, up to 10 pages. Does not include sample chapters.

Price: $150.

 Next Steps

To request more information or move forward, email me at Bethany @

Marketing, Branding, & Social Media Consulting

Feel Like You Need to Get a Better Handle on Your Marketing or Branding but Can’t Seem to Find a Way that Works?

Long gone are the days when the publisher handles the majority of the marketing and publicity efforts for your book. If you need help figuring out a strategy that saves your sanity, a private session might be just the ticket to get you started.

One-Hour Private Strategy Session  ** CURRENTLY FULL  **
Extremely limited availability. Email me at Bethany @ for more information or to be added to the waitlist.

Prior to our call, you’ll fill out an in-depth questionnaire so I can research and craft a personalized strategy custom tailored towards your goals. This can include strategies for book launches, social media, website critique/assistance, branding, email marketing, and small business or book-related marketing campaigns. 

Price options for 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month packages are available upon request.