We wear many hats with many roles, all expected to be played to perfection. My dear friend, if you hide dishes in your stove, throw laundry on your bed, and need at least an hour’s notice before someone drops by, hang out a while.

Grab a coffee (or two) and let’s power through how to be everything to everyone without losing our minds. ❤️

If you’re getting ready for a writers conference, you might enjoy this video where I share some tips for pitching projects.

This faculty interview hosted by Eva Marie Everson, founder of Word Weavers International and Director of FCWC.

In 2012, I attended my first writers conference with a 3-month-old blog, a haphazard proposal, and a dream in my heart. I left that event with the Writer of the Year award, an agency agreement, and contracted a book deal three months later.

I love this industry and l hope that you love these books! Enjoy!

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After ten years of wearing these hats: author, ghostwriter, marketing strategist, and proposals content creator, I added another!

I am looking for writers who demonstrate these three key aspects:

Grit • Growth • Engagement

Do not email proposals or queries or use this site’s contact page for submission.

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Bethany Jett in a graduation cap

Bethany Jett earned her Masters of Fine Arts in Communication, where she focused on marketing and public relations. She received the Distinguished Scholars Award in recognition of earning the highest GPA in her class.

Additionally, she’s won awards for her marketing efforts: 2019 Silver CAN Marketing Award and the 2020 Gold and Silver CAN Marketing Awards.

In this episode, I present the ten steps of integrated marketing along with strategies for writers as they build their platforms and campaigns. I share:

  • How each of the ten steps correlates to how we feel “loved,”
  • Strategies for writers to build their platforms,
  • Tips for creating marketing campaigns, and 
  • The breakdown of a GRACE Campaign.


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Reels, memes, and the best content all-around.


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