Bethany Jett

I’ve worn many hats in the publishing industry: author, ghostwriter, editor, proposal creator, marketing strategist, keynote and workshop speaker, and now literary agent. If you find yourself juggling many hats, too, you’re in good company!

As I’m slowly transitioning my site more toward the agenting side of things, I’ll continue to update the pages with resources. In the meantime, we have hundreds of hours of content on our Serious Writer YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Interested in Pitching Your Manuscript?

Picture Book Spotlight
hosted by Brian Gehrlein

I’m thrilled to be part of Brian Gerhlein’s Picture Book Spotlight this month, and excited to give away a picture book manuscript critique to one lucky winner. 

Check out the Spotlight post for more details! 🐺😉

PB Spotlight Critique from Bethany Jett, hosted by Brian Gerhlein

From Author to Agent:

In 2012, I attended my first writers conference with a 3-month-old blog, a haphazard proposal, and a dream in my heart. I left that event with the Writer of the Year award, an agency agreement, and contracted a book deal three months later.

Ten years later, I had several traditionally published books under my belt, along with an MFA in Communications.

Now I’ve moved to the other side of the publishing industry as a literary agent. For more info about submissions, click here!

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Pitching Advice

If you’re getting ready for a writers conference, you might enjoy this video where I share some tips for pitching projects.

This faculty interview is hosted by Eva Marie Everson, Director of FCWC, and we had a fabulous time during this interview.

How to Query

Writing an effective query is an important skill for any writer who is interested in gaining representation or a publishing contract.

Topics include: the difference between queries and pitches; discussing the six elements of an effective query, #MSWLs, Query Manager, advice for pitching in-person, and a summary of query do’s and don’t’s.

Give Your Writing Career a Jumpstart

In this Writers Chat episode, I present the ten steps of integrated marketing along with strategies for writers as they build their platforms and campaigns. I share:

  • How each of the ten steps correlates to how we feel “loved,”
  • Strategies for writers to build their platforms,
  • Tips for creating marketing campaigns, and 
  • The breakdown of a GRACE Campaign.

The hosts of Serious Writer share writing and marketing tips, as well as the occasional word blunder. 

Season 1 of the Serious Writer podcast and past episodes of The Seven podcast are available. Season 2 of the Serious Writer podcast coming soon. Enjoy!

 The hosts of The Seven on a myriad of topics to help you Ignite your Faith.