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Author, speaker, marketing strategist

I’m Bethany and I love all things books, planners, and entrepreneurial! I co-own two companies within the writing and publishing industry: Serious Writer, Inc. and Platinum Literary Services, Inc and recently graduated with my Masters in Communications, focusing on marketing + PR.

My husband and I were in youth ministry for a long time before he re-entered the military. We’ve got three sons and a semi-spoiled Pomeranian. The six of us are living our best life in Tampa, FL and I’m so happy to be connecting with you here!


You can join me on Writers Chat each week for a lively conversation and great teaching. Writers Chat is a community of Christian writers who focus on craft, marketing, social media, and staying updated with the publishing industry.

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How to Use Your Planners

In this episode, learn how to keep your busy life organized with one (or multiple!) planners. I share how to:

  • Use different planners for different aspects of life, family, and business.
  • Make your own Frankenplanner,
  • Prioritize your daily to-dos, and
  • Decorate with stickers for functional purposes.

Get a sneak peek inside my planners and be inspired to create your own!

Ten Steps of Integrated Marketing

In this episode, I present the ten steps of integrated marketing along with strategies for writers as they build their platforms and campaigns. I share:

  • How each of the ten steps correlates to how we feel “loved,”
  • Strategies for writers to build their platforms,
  • Tips for creating marketing campaigns, and 
  • The breakdown of a GRACE Campaign.

Content Creation: Become (Act Like) a Publishing Group

This is the episode for you if you need to improve your content curatorship. In this episode, I share:

  • How big companies take the ME out of MESSAGE to create compelling ads and solidify their brands,
  • The concept of Content Six,
  • A look at L’Oreal’s online Beauty Magazine’s six categories + Red Bull’s narrow niche, and 
  • How Wendy’s snarky sense of humor builds their following organically.

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In the News…

TCMM 2020 Christian Book Market Nonfiction 3rd Place

2020 Christian Book Market Awards

I’m so proud to announce that They Call Me Mom: 52 Encouraging Devotions for Every MOMent (Kregel), co-written with Michelle Medlock Adams, won 3rd place in the 2020 Christian Market Book Awards!!!!!

Check out the press release, with all winners listed, here.


In 2012 I attended my first writers conference with a 3-month-old blog, a haphazard proposal, and a dream in my heart. I left that event with the Writer of the Year award, an agency contract, and contracted a book deal three months later.

 My life changed at that conference and since then, I’ve continued to write (and ghostwrite!), earned my Masters of Fine Arts in Communication, won multiple awards for my books, as well as the Silver CAN 2019 marketing award, and started two companies to help other writers achieve their dreams.

I love this industry and l hope that you love these books! Enjoy!

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So have you ever heard of an… 

Author with a Paper Allergy

After dealing for years with what felt like 500 paper cuts on my fingers, I finally found the doctor who helped me move beyond an “It’s just dermatitis” diagnosis to a full skin patch test.

“Those are healthy pinkies,” the doctor remarked upon his first examination of my hands. “See the pattern of cracked skin? That tells me this is a contact allergy. You’re touching something that you’re allergic to.”

Sure enough, after the results from the allergy patch test came in, it was clear.

Colophony was the culprit.

Colophony: an ingredient found in ink, adhesives (like band-aids, washi tape, and my planner stickers!), newspaper, magazines, some plastics (basically BPA-free), anything that is “water-proofed” like the coating on pool brush handles, and of course, amongst other things, it is used in the manufacturing of paper.

So wearing gloves has become a way of life but unfortunately, all too often when I have “healthy fingertips,” I tend to lapse in wearing the gloves and start the crazy cycle all over again.

So yes – I’m an author with a paper allergy. Welcome to my world!

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