Bethany did all that we hoped and more.
Her messages both encouraged and challenged us and she was able to connect with guests of all ages,
from teens to women in their 80s.

– Sherry wallis, executive assistant to the president 
Central Christian college of the bible

Writing & Marketing Conference Keynotes & Workshops

Latest in Social Media: Creating Content & Integrated Marketing

Marketing is all about serving others. In this workshop, Bethany Jett lays the framework for successful marketing practices, including:

  • Why it’s crucial to utilize new media and traditional media practices
  • How to use content marketing to your advantage without spending a lot of money
  • A breakdown of the “Top 8” New Media platforms
  • The 10 Steps of Integrated Marketing (and how to put them into practice today!)
  • Why the GRACE campaign will bring freedom to your writing and marketing

5 Steps to Organizing and Excelling at Your Writing Business

Many writers find themselves trying to juggle their writing and marketing time with a full-time job, raising a family, volunteering, and a myriad of other responsibilities and obligations.

Our spiritual, mental, and physical health must be prioritized so we can care for ourselves and the people we love. In this workshop, Bethany Jett shares:

  • Resourceful tips and strategies to organize your busy schedule and integrate your marketing plan seamlessly,
  • How to stay on top of your business finances, and
  • How to balance your family life utilizing digital calendars, tools, and your favorite planner systems.

Content Marketing 101

In this workshop you’ll learn how to become the “resource expert in your niche. We’ll discuss how to build credibility with your audience and strategies to create content through your blog, social media, and email list that your readers want and will share.

Whether you write fiction, nonfiction, or for children, this class will give you the building blocks that will turn the stress of marketing into an exciting way to provide value.

How to Craft a Nonfiction Proposal that Gets Results

Your proposal is the advocate for your book. Essentially, it is you on the paper explaining why your book should be chosen for publication. Understandably, proposals are not easy and they take a lot of time, thought, and multiple drafts. In this workshop, Bethany Jett will breakdown each section of the proposal and share tips to enhance and develop each one, including:

  • How to leverage your biography for the greatest impact,
  • The difference between influencers and endorsers and why you need them both,
  • Establishing a marketing plan,
  • Why the Market Analysis section is vital to get right,
  • Tips for chapter development, and more.



The Instagram Influence

With over 800 million daily active users, Instagram is the platform where writers should have a presence. Learn to create content that your readers and audience will eagerly consume. Topics include “Content Six,” how to use hashtag “top nines” to purposefully engage, color schemes and filters, how to microblog, how to use IGTV, Stories, Highlights, and the new Reels feature, connect with influencers, and more.

5 Steps to Organizing and Excelling at Your Writing Business

When co-writing two nonfiction books at the same time, Bethany and her co-author had to streamline their processes and work efficiently to meet deadlines. During one of their writing weeks, they were standing in the kitchen of their AirBnB rental listening to a training when the lightbulb went off. They didn’t write one word of their book that week.

Instead, they almost literally started from scratch (the book was already under contract!) and began the research to write the book from a marketing perspective so that it would truly meet the needs of their readers. Shortly before one of their books released, they won the CAN Silver medal for marketing on a book that was still on pre-order. She is excited to share these tips and strategies with you!

In this workshop, Bethany shares how to craft your manuscript from a marketing perspective so that your book becomes your best marketing tool, including:

  • The research method that changes everything!
  • How to marry your sidebars with your email marketing funnels,
  • Tips to build an annual marketing calendar,
  • Ways to repurpose the material from your chapters for magazine articles and guest postings,
  • How to build theme lists so you can query podcasters and radio hosts, and more!

    For Churches & Para-Church Organizations

    Here's a sample of workshops geared towards your women's event or church group.  Each keynote will be tailored specifically for your audience and demographic so that your audience will always feel comfortable. 

    Here's a sample of workshops geared towards your women's event or church group.  Each keynote will be tailored specifically for your audience and demographic so that your audience will always feel comfortable. 

    Treasure Your Besties and Forgive your Frenemies

    In this workshop, we share strategies on how to keep our precious inner circles genuine and authentic by understanding the difference between the sparkling glitter of friendship and the fool's gold of frenemies.

    Get Off The Dock

    An interesting and humorous take on Hebrews 6:19 — Our hope in God is our anchor, so why do we stay tied to the docks of life? Set sail into life’s waters with practical ways protect yourself from temptation. 

    Unlock the Secrets for Happier Healthier Relationships

    Avoid unnecessary arguments, win over strangers, and be all-around delightful when you utilize the lessons in the Five Love Languages to the advantage of your family, friends, and yourself.

    Every Girl's Secret Weapons

    An abstinence-driven focus on what guys really think about kissing, what constitutes "further physical contact" and why it should be avoided, and realistic expectations for relationships ranging from dating to engagement. (Not intended for audiences younger than fifteen.)

    Confidently Beautiful

    Starting with a foundation in Christ, we’ll learn the winning combination of inner and outer beauty skills and attributes to attract the right friends, the right job, and definitely the right guy!