Looking to submit your book proposal to Bethany Jett of the C.Y.L.E. agency? Give your work the best chance of being looked at by following the guidelines below.

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Thanks for popping in!

As a traditionally published nonfiction author, I know firsthand the weight of “platform-platform-platform.” And yet, while here I am on the agent side, still saying, “Platform. Platform Platform.”

That said, I am looking for career-driven individuals who are living out their message and not waiting for the book to jumpstart their marketing efforts.

To that end, I’m looking for nonfiction writers who are self-motivated go-getters with either large platforms or micro-influencers with high engagement rates.

For fiction, I’m looking for incredible storytelling and completed manuscripts. My specific genre needs fluctuate depending on how many full requests I’m looking at, but I’ll try to keep it updated.

I represent books in both the ABA and CBA markets.


Nonfiction in these areas:
Narrative,  How-to, Lifestyle, Business, Leadership, Self-help, History, Politics/Current Affairs, Narrative, Christian Living, Inspirational/Gift, Devotionals, Bible studies, Advice, Relationships,  YA & MG

Specifically, nonfiction writers who are living the messages in their books. This is reflected in their platform (which is not solely dependent on social media numbers, although that plays a part). With regards to platform, engagement means more to me than the number of followers.

I’m interested in YA & MG low fantasy and magical realism with extremely deep POV. Extremely deep.

Picture book projects:
I’m open to fiction PB with strong story arcs and I love nonfiction PBs with STEM back matter. For rhyming PB, I’m looking for true rhyme (not near rhyme) that follows correct meter beats.

Not Looking For:

I’m not interested in memoirs, poems, or books filled with vulgarity, erotica, or horror. Manuscripts filled with the f-bomb are not my cup of tea.

Hopefully this is Helpful:

In an effort to help you see if we’ll be a good fit, here are some bonus thoughts. My goal is to help navigate the subjective part by sharing (or over-sharing).

Although these books and authors are amazing, I’m not looking for books where the comps are LOTR, ACOTR, or anything by Rick Riordan. I loved The Cruel Prince series by Holly Black, but it’s at the upper echelon of my comfortability level with teen “romance.”

Submission Guidelines

I am accepting queries solely via Query Manager: QueryManager.com/bethanyjett

Query Letter: This is your first impression, so make it count. Many manuscripts are rejected because the writer cannot craft a professional query letter.

More info on writing a great query letter can be found here.

Proposal Requirements:

For nonfiction, the proposal must include:

  • One-Sentence Hook
  • Back cover copy
  • Genre and Word Count
  • Completion Date
  • Bio
  • Marketing Plan
  • Comps
  • Detailed Synopsis
  • First three chapters

For fiction, submit the proposal and the first ten pages (although the manuscript should be complete, edited, and polished).

For picture books, use the same guidelines as you would for nonfiction but submit the entire manuscript, broken down into spreads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit to Bethany via her agency email?

No. Submissions must be submitted through Bethany’s Query Manager (QM) here: QueryManager.com/bethanyjett
You can set up a free account on the author side of QM called Query Tracker.

When should I expect a response?

If Bethany is interested in representing your work, she will be in touch. However, if you haven’t heard back within 90 days, consider the submission rejected.

I haven’t heard back and would like to “nudge.” Should I?


What is an R&R request?

An R&R means that you’ve been invited to revise and resubmit. This doesn’t mean your resubmission moves to the top of the inbox, but it does give you the opportunity for a second chance.

Does Bethany offer feedback if she rejects my query?

Not always. Bethany tries to provide feedback if she requested the full manuscript, but due to the ratio of queries in the inbox and time to review them, it’s difficult to provide feedback to all queries. If you’re looking for feedback, finding beta readers and critique groups are your best bet.

Can I submit or remind Bethany about a query in Facebook Messenger, Twitter or Instagram DMs, or by texting her?

This is your quickest way to guarantee a rejection.

Does Bethany accept simultaneous submissions?

Yes, but be sure to include that information in the query letter. However, if you’ve submitted to someone else within the C.Y.L.E. Agency, do not submit to Bethany. 

Why does it take so long to hear back if the website says an agent is open for submissions?

An agent’s first priority is to her clients, which means a lot of time is spent with their work, shopping the manuscripts, contract negotiations, and the business side of agenting. While agents who are open to submissions are willing to add new clients to their list, they must make sure they’re managing their time well (which is something you want your agent to do for you!).