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Writers Chat Episodes

Writers Chat is a weekly live show hosted on Zoom with co-hosts Johnnie Alexander, Jean Wise, and me! We feature guest speakers and focus on craft, marketing, social media, and other topics relevant to writers.

We have an active community on Facebook and you are welcome to join us on Zoom each week. You’ll keep your video stopped and audio muted until the end for the After Party, where everyone can join in. We’d love to see you there!

Bethany Jett is a dynamic and enthusiastic teacher who loves to share her knowledge with others. Because she CARES, she is a great one-on-one mentor. I would highly recommend Bethany, as she’s highly organized, professional, and driven. I’ve learned valuable marketing and organizational tips from workshops/classes Bethany has taught. I’m blessed and thankful our paths crossed!” – Elaine McAllister

Planners & Organization

How to Use Your Planners

In this episode, learn how to keep your busy life organized with one (or multiple!) planners. I share how to:

  • Use different planners for different aspects of life, family, and business.
  • Make your own Frankenplanner,
  • Prioritize your daily to-dos, and
  • Decorate with stickers for functional purposes.

Get a sneak peek inside my planners and be inspired to create your own!


Ten Steps of Integrated Marketing

In this episode, I present the ten steps of integrated marketing along with strategies for writers as they build their platforms and campaigns. I share:

  • How each of the ten steps correlates to how we feel “loved,”
  • Strategies for writers to build their platforms,
  • Tips for creating marketing campaigns, and 
  • The breakdown of a GRACE Campaign.

Content Creation: Become (Act Like) a Publishing Group

This is the episode for you if you need to improve your content curatorship. In this episode, I share:

  • How big companies take the ME out of MESSAGE to create compelling ads and solidify their brands,
  • The concept of Content Six,
  • A look at L’Oreal’s online Beauty Magazine’s six categories + Red Bull’s narrow niche, and 
  • How Wendy’s snarky sense of humor builds their following organically.

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