Vegan Journey

I don’t remember my last “meat” meal.

I believe it was an unfortunate inhaling of Banquet chicken tenders, which amounts to mostly pink-slime-mashed poultry bits.

I wish I’d thought that through a little more.

I wish I’d eaten a fantastic cheesesteak instead.


vegan Starbucks!!!!

My entrance into vegetarianism was abrupt and swift, with a lingering towards veganism which has now rooted itself deeply in my heart. I’m a little obsessed.

How did I, a Florida girl who loves fresh gator meat, chicken for days, and cheese…glorious cheese…suddenly say goodbye?

My conversionĀ has an eerily similar feel to how I believe the Church should display Christianity…with honey instead of vinegar…except honey is considered non-vegan, so that’s off the list.

I befriended an amazing couple through a Facebook group. During a few Hangout meetings, I’d see her bring her husband his vegan dinner…and he enjoyed it. They did a few periscopes on how to make different vegan recipes. I was intrigued, but not willing to try it.

Until one laaaaaate night, we periscoped about movies to watch, and then they did a mock-reading of Pride and Prejudice (my favorite movie), and then my sister and I started asking questions about their diet. We were both desperate to change our eating habits and were naturally curious…since this couple are both way cute and thin…..and we wanted that.

That turned into an almost hour-long conversation where they shared why they went vegan (for medical purposes) and why they stayed. They didn’t force anything on us. Didn’t make us feel guilty for eating meat. Didn’t condemn us. Just shared.

And we figuratively ate it up.

We did watch a documentary they suggested, which clinched something inside of me.

I haven’t been the same since.


vegan “alfredo” with baby bellas and peas


For the next two weeks, I went vegetarian (#mostlyvegan) and a few days ago, cut the dairy and honey out completely. I’m reading food labels (no gelatin) and digesting all the pinterest vegan boards I can get my hands on.

I appreciate food more than ever and have made some amazing recipes. I feel better and I hope this is something I stick to for a long time.