Let Me Repeat Myself

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This is me.

See the bracelet? I’m so crazy-frustrated-disappointed I can’t even properly accessorize.
Apparently, we didn’t “get it” from the last post. Obviously, we don’t “understand” what it means when I said, and I quote, “males are visually stimulated.”

Clearly, I am going to have to s-p-e-l-l it out for you.

Boys think about sex. All. The. Time. Usually without provocation. (look it up) 
We are bombarded with sex. TV. Music. Books. Facebook. The way you all talk to each other. The things you post. The pictures you upload…
Wait . . . “Not me!” you cry. “I don’t put sexual things on Facebook,” you say. 
Some of you don’t. But most of you do.
Let’s talk about some of the things I know you are doing and why you need to STOP. 
1. Secret accounts. 
 If you aren’t supposed to have a FB, then you shouldn’t have a secret one. If you don’t want your parents, certain friends, or grandparents to see what you’re posting, you shouldn’t be posting it. How about we go ahead and make that a rule. If you wouldn’t want your mama to see it, don’t post it. 
No, I take that back. Some of your mothers don’t have a problem with the things or pictures you post. How about, if you wouldn’t want your daddy/grandaddy to see it, don’t post it. There, that’s better. 
2. Provocative Pictures
Where to start? Hmmm . . . how about a list of the things you shouldn’t be posting. Perhaps, shouldn’t even be taking pictures of in the first place.  If you read this list and realize I’m talking about you and you’re embarrassed . . . good. I hope you’re embarrassed. I hope you’re embarrassed enough to take them down. And, let me just say, don’t just block me from them. That’s not the point. I want you to be convicted enough to remove them, but that won’t come from me. That will come from you having a talk with Jesus and letting the Holy Spirit convict you.
  • sticking your tongue out in pictures  (seriously, this is not cute, and it’s sexual, so stop)
  • cleavage shots (where you hold the camera above your head so it’s pointing down your shirt)
  • bikini shots
  • pictures of your undergarments (bras, panties)
  • pictures of you holding or wearing bras above your clothing
  • pictures of other girls holding up the bra you are wearing above your clothing
  • pictures of you touching other girls’ butts
  • pictures of you bent over in your swimsuit
  • pictures of you bent over. Period.
You girls are KILLING me. 
I know a girl who found pictures of her friends in provocative poses secretly downloaded to her husband’s computer.

Whose husband/son/boyfriend has pictures of you secretly downloaded to his computer?

WHY are you girls doing this?
We are so driven to be attractive and sexy but like it says in the Sex Book of the Bible . . . 

There is a sex book in the Bible?
Yes . . . it’s called Song of Solomon. 
Like it says in Song of Solomon 8:4 “Daughters of Jerusalem [sub: My girls whom I love…that’d be YOU] I charge you: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.”
Do you know when “love desires”? 
When you’re married. On your wedding night. When you can fully give yourself to your husband and not hold back. When you can be free to express your love for him and him for you. NOT. UNTIL. THEN.
So why are you doing these things? Why are taking pictures of all you bent over in your swimsuits???? You’ve given every guy a visual about what you would look like bent over a bed. And if you’re gagging right now, I am right there with you. GROSS, but true. 
How many of your guy friends have downloaded or saved that picture? How many of them scroll through your beach pictures, fantasizing over you? There’s not much left to the imagination. And the touching each other . . . well, that’s girl-on-girl fantasy right there. Our boys don’t have to download pornography . . . there is enough soft porn on Facebook.
I have half a mind to save your pictures and show them at the next parent meeting, however, I know that would humiliate your parents and I don’t want to do that. I want you to have the opportunity to police yourselves.
I saw a couple of pictures this week, and I thought, I would never have let my teenage daughter do that . . . wear that . . . be so close to him. BUT, I’m not your parents and I can’t do much about what you guys do when you aren’t at church . . . and I can’t do much about what you post to Facebook. 
What I can do is tell you what I think is inappropriate. 
I can tell you that these pictures are a tool that Satan uses to tempt people. 
Have I made my point? 
Time will tell . . . and so will Facebook.



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November 13, 2011

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