BetJett’s Book Club

The purpose of BetJett’s Book Club is simple: Read More.

Occasionally we have guest authors stop by for the “Book of the Month,” but the most important element of the book club is to read. Read more books than you did last year. Read more than you did last month.

Participate your Way:

There are several ways to join in on the fun across all the social media platforms.

  1. Join us on Facebook: BetJett’s Book Club FB group. It’s free!
  2. Follow our board on Pinterest. I’m updating with different books I recommend. Start your own board of books!
  3. Take a pic of your current reading-in-process and tag us on Instagram with the #BetJettBookClub.
  4. Several members are also participating in the Goodread’s Challenge. You can set up your goal and keep track using their system. Let’s be friends there, too.
  5. Take a tweet pic and tag us: @betjett #BetJettBookClub

If you have a recommendation for the book club, please email #TeamBetJett at