Who is in Your Friendship Bubble?

[guestpost]Guest Post Wednesday!!!! My beautiful talented friend Cindy is posting today. She is one of the women’s group leaders at her church, and I feel privileged to know her! Enjoy her post![/guestpost]

Let’s meet, I’m Cindy.

I teach a women’s Bible study every Wednesday night and have for about three years.  I have been married to my man for 17 years and have three amazing kids.  When Bethany asked me to guest write for her blog one of the things that came to mind was the importance of friendships in women.

I have had many women friends over the years. Very few of are in that close little bubble.  It really had me thinking, how does a friend get to that place? Why is it so important?  How does a friendship stay there? How do girlfriends get to a place where the friendship is like a sisterhood?

Kindred Hearts & Me

We need to open up ladies!  

I needed to open up and my friend had to open up.  This is HARD to do.  I mean you have to trust somebody else with bits and pieces of you that other people probably don’t know.  It’s beyond scary!  You must start somewhere, and unless you take a step how will you ever know what this kind of friendship could be?

In my situation the things we opened up about were not PTA meetings and the weather.  No, the things I am talking about were raw feelings and emotions.  I was scared that if other people knew that I was mad, sad, ticked off, hurt, or anything else they would really wonder about me!  What I really learned by opening up, you are able to share your burdens.  We are not meant to deal with them alone.  (Galatians 6:2)

You also have to make yourself available.

How can you deepen a friendship if you don’t invest in it?  This is the BEST part!  No matter how you decide to spend the time with your friend, decide to spend it with them.  You don’t need to spend money just give time.  It costs nothing.  It may mean answering a phone call, drinking a cup of coffee, meeting for a walk only you know what this is.  Do you make yourself available to your friends?  If not, what can you do to make yourself more available to be a friend?

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Why are women friendships so important? I think sometimes friends can only tell us the truth in a special way.  When we’ve made a choice or need to be called out on something, words that come friend are so different than from any other person.  If it is spoken from a friend, in love then we know they are speaking from the heart we can take it.  (Proverbs 27:9)

As you are reading this, I hope you have that kind of friend.  If you don’t I am praying for you.  It’s possible.

How does friendship stay around for a long while?

Lots of grace.

Lots of Love.

Investment of time.

No expectations.

No judgments.

Be authentic.

Be a good listener.

Be forgiving.

Be honest.

Be truthful.

Be available.

Be open with each other.

Be understanding and know that some friends will have seasons that time is limited.

Ladies, we need our girlfriends.  Our husbands, children, parents, coworkers and neighbors will not understand us like our girlfriends.  We must make them a priority or they will get lost in the business of life.

[reminder]What can you do today to ignite a friendship?[/reminder]


Cindy Watson family pic

Meet Cindy–a girl that loves Jesus, studies and teaches the Bible, but can also put on her underwear inside out, forget her children’s lunch money, and find a bandaid in her pantyhose. All on the same day.



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Bethany Jett

Bethany Jett loves sipping coffee and jamming in her planner while raising three boys with her college sweetheart Justin.

February 19, 2014

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  1. Holly

    I am proud to call Cindy my friend. She is all of the things above. That is why I treasure our friendship. I know without a question that she is there for me anytime, anywhere, for anything. A true Christ-like friendship like this is hard to find. Believe me, I have had numerous “friends” who proved otherwise. God will reveal to us who we should consider a friend, a true one. Being able to talk openly and honestly about feelings, emotions, hurts, desires, and plans is something important. A sounding board about anything that is on your mind. A support system when you have no one else to turn to and even when you have others to turn to. Treat your friend the way you wish to be treated. Be there, be open, be real.

    • Bethany Jett

      Cindy is an amazing woman!! Loved your comments and totally agree!

    • Cindy

      You are those same things too and am PROUD to call you my friend!