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A friend of mine shared this article on Facebook and I was quietly cheering in my seat as I read it. (No need to wake up the baby with my screams of “Yes! Yes!” “That’s right!” and “Amen!”)

Out of his list, my favorite for the ladies: Number 5.

The author says when it comes to boys and girls, there are two types of relationships. Either you are a sister-in-Christ, or you’re a wife. There is no middle ground. So when it comes to touching, the two categories are “acts of affection” or “acts of desire.”

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Sister-in-Christ = acts of affection
 –includes friends, acquaintances, boyfriendsfiancés

Wife = acts of desire
 –includes your husband

I love the advice he gave for guys to be intentional during dating. Pass his article on to the brother, friend, boyfriend in your life.

The article was amazing: Notes on Dating for the Guys

Check it out!



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August 28, 2012

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