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If you’re looking for information on girly topics from a godly perspective, this is your place…mostly because I love hair tutorials and makeup.

And shoes.

And God.

Not in that order. God is obviously first.

With the Bible as an exception, there’s really not a rule book on how to live an amazing and brilliant life, just lots of people with opinions on how to manage each section.

This blog is no different. This site is mostly about surviving adulthood: making smart decisions and setting high standards.

Chin up, princess, or the crown slips.

I firmly believe that we should treat our lives the same way a CEO treats her business. We should put our best pedicured-foot forward, no matter if we’re running errands, nursing babies, juggling our college educations, or handling a full-time job (kudos for those of you who can do it all!).

God has give each of us a purpose, whether it’s to be a stay-at-home mom, entrepreneur, businesswoman, military wife, or whatever it is that God has laid on your heart. We can survive and thrive, especially when we apply business principles to our daily lives.

I’m looking forward to going down this journey of excellence with you.

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Q: How old are you?
A: A woman who tells her age will tell anything. But I’m gonna be 29 for a long time.

Q: You have three sons! Are you having more kids?
A: Only if God opens the adoption door!

Q: Do you want a daughter?
A: I thought I did until I started coaching high school cheerleading. 🙂


Q: How do you “get it all done”?
A: I don’t actually think I get everything done, but it’s only with the help of God and Justin. In that order. Plus peppermint coffee.


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An unofficial bio

I wasn’t always girly. In fact, I used to be quite the tomboy. There are pictures I haven’t burned somewhere to prove it. Even my cheerleading photos show a girl who is basically make-up-less and in desperate need of a flat iron. For my senior prom, I threatened to wear jeans…until I had a boyfriend and then nothing but a baby blue evening gown would do.Bethany FSU pic picmonkey

College was mandatory in our house. I applied to one school, and one school only. Florida State University. Here’s the story of my life-long love affair with the Noles.

FSU was amazing, but the day before I was supposed to head back to Tally, my dad told me that after a lot of prayer, he felt like I wasn’t supposed to go. Even though I had an apartment waiting for me and a leadership position with a campus organization, I took his counsel, prayed, and stayed home.

After a mild undiagnosed depression, and many hours of working full-time until transferring colleges, I met fresh out of active duty Marine Corps, cocky, confident Justin Jett.

kissFairy-tale love isn’t always fiction, and I think God has a special someone for all of us. After a cycle of dating and breaking up, we got our act together. It was always him for me, but sometimes the journey is a little bumpy. We got married and have three beautiful sons.

Once we started our family, I became a Stay-at-Home-Mom (SAHM). That quickly turned into a Work-from-Home-Mom (WFHM) when I started in direct sales. I learned a lot about personal growth, managing time and money, and gained friendships and mentors for life.

Justin went into youth ministry and we stayed at our first church for ten years. Unheard of? Yes. We felt strongly that church was about community, and he became active in the schools in the area and I started coaching cheerleading…a lifelong dream…at a local high school.

These days I wear many hats. Some of them rumple my hair, but for the most part, I try to wear them all with grace.

loves of my life pm sigWhen we first got married, people used to ask me if I liked being married. I always said, “I love being married to Justin.” I guess marriage takes work…for a few years, it was a struggle. We’ve been married for almost eleven years now, and marriage is as easy as breathing.

We fight fair, which means we rarely fight at all anymore. We respect each other, and we try to serve each other always. Loving God first makes a big difference, as well.

Plus, Justin’s a great kisser, so…..

Writing Career

At my first writing conference, I had a fairy-tale dream come true. I signed contracts with an agent and publisher, and authored The Cinderella Rule: a Young Woman’s Guide to Happily Ever After

I’ve been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: A Dating Game, as well as several magazines. I’ve written movie reviews, and am an editor with Splickety Publishing Group which focuses on flash fiction. Through the Eyes of Hope: Love More, Worry Less, and See God in the Midst of Adversity with Lacey Buchanan released January 2017 and the companion 40 Days of Hope: a Prayer Journey releases in May 2017.

More projects are in the works!


I absolutely love to speak and teach. Another dream came true recently when I was on faculty with the Florida Christian Writers Conference. I’m planning on another book tour and want to hit several states on my way to Canada! Lake Aurora 2014 Womens Retreat How Sweet it Is
My most popular workshop is “Confidently Beautiful” where we discuss why it’s okay to have fun with makeup as long as we balance it with confidence that comes from God. My workshop on the dating rules is extremely popular with college and high school groups.Speaking at Canoe Creek Christian Church

At the writers conference, I taught on the Art of Flash Fiction, a super-fun “Bring on the Bling” after-hours workshop, and my favorite: Zero to Book Deal in Three Months. We covered how to work with agents, what to do in the next couple of months after the conference, how to build a meager platform into something a publisher will take notice of, and so much more.