5 Dating “Red Flags”

While you’re dating, keep your ears open for warning bells, and your eyes open for dating red flags. Both signal “Danger! Danger Will Robinson” in a clever shout-out to Lost In Space, a show most of you have never heard of. Say it to your parents. They’ll love it.

These red flags that cause a stir in your tummy and an unsettling feeling in your spirit are not to be ignored. Many times, frustrations and arguments in a marriage stem from issues that were unchecked or not dealt with while dating.

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Let’s face it, the saying “love is blind” comes from somewhere. It means that while you’re “in love,” you can’t always look at the person you’re “in love” with as objectively as someone not invested in the relationship.

In order to keep from being blinded in our dating relationships, use these guidelines as a way to gauge the healthiness of your relationship. While this list is not exhaustive (and I’d love for you to leave a comment with a guideline of your own), if you’re seeing yourself in these situations, it may be time to stop making excuses, and take a hard look at your relationship.

Always remember, a guy is on his best behavior while you’re dating. If the behavior is bad now, it will be much worse once you’re married.

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November 22, 2013

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