Bethany Jett Speaking at Canoe Creek Christian Church Ladies TeaBethany Jett has been a public speaker for over fifteen years, starting with leading an abstinence program to sixth graders while she was in high school. After the debut of her first book, The Cinderella Rule: a Young Woman’s Guide to Happily Ever After, Bethany has been speaking on dating, friendships, and topics for women at Christian universities, youth groups, women’s retreats, camps, career days, homeschool groups, and conferences.

In 2014, Bethany led a workshop at Lake Aurora’s Annual Women’s Retreat “How Sweet it Is.” Her presentation entitled “Raising Teens, One Byte at a Time” gave parents insights into the always changing social media phenomena and offered advice on how to stay “in the know.”
Bethany Jett speaking Lake Aurora 2014 Womens Retreat How Sweet it Is

Bethany not only speaks at churches, retreats, and conferences, she is also honored to be on faculty for Florida Christian Writers Conference and Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. Her workshops included “Zero to Book Deal in Three Months,” “Live-Streaming: Grow your Reader Base for Free” and “Bring on the Bling” with best-selling author Michelle Medlock Adams.

One of her proudest speaking moments was with The Cinderella Project in Ohio. High school girls applied to become Cinderella’s for a night of pampering. After Bethany spoke on staying pure and being true to yourself, she enjoyed the evening’s festivities with the girls in her hoodie and jeans…an on-stage (appropriate) costume change from her heels and curls.

Listen to Bethany’s interview on the GirlfriendIt radio show entitled “Love and the Red Carpet” here.

Bethany Jett Speaking at The Cinderella Project, OH

Bethany spoke about being beautifully confident in God. She has been gifted the ability to put together a message for women including Scripture and fashion with a twist of humor!Cindy Watson
Women's Leader, Central Christian Church of St. Pete

Bethany Jett speaking at Lake Aurora Women's Conference

Popular Speaking Topics

Confidently Beautiful

Starting with a foundation in Christ, we’ll learn the winning combination of inner and outer beauty skills and attributes to attract the right friends, the right job, and definitely the right guy!

Bring on the Bling

Discover beauty tips, body language tricks and time-saving strategies so you can exude confidence in every situation, as well as bring out your “inner bling” by utilizing your best personality traits!

Navigating the Road to Mr. Right

Dating doesn’t have to be hard. Learn “the rules” for each of the three phases of a dating relationship, and never worry about taking a wrong turn!

Get Off the Docks!

An interesting and humorous take on Hebrews 6:19 — Our hope in God is our anchor, so why do we stay tied to the docks of life? Set sail into life’s waters with practical ways protect yourself from temptation. 

The Secret to Becoming Ms. Charming

Avoid unnecessary arguments, win over strangers, and be all-around delightful when you utilize the lessons in the Five Love Languages gracefully, and to the advantage of your family, friends, and yourself.

Guilty Pleasures: Purity’s Grey Area

When does a guilty pleasure cross the line into sin, and how far can we tiptoe to the line without being sucked in?

Friends & Frenemies

Mean girls are here to stay, even as adults, but they don’t have to win. Discover tips to cultivate relationships, strengthen friendships, and deal with people who “don’t have your back.”

5 Things Your Teen Wants: Should you Say Yes?

Parenting a teen isn’t always easy. Discover the pros and cons of teens’ most requested privileges.

Secret Weapons

Purity, innocence, and confidence should be in every girl’s character arsenal in order to attract the right people, whether friendships, dating or business relationships.

Bethany Jett speaking in TNKissing, Sex, and Everything In-Between

An abstinence-driven focus on what guys really think about kissing, what constitutes “further physical contact” and why it should be avoided, and realistic expectations for relationships ranging from dating to engagement. (Not intended for audiences younger than fifteen.)

Thank you for your interest in having me speak to your group. I am willing to speak on almost any topic, and will create a unique presentation that is perfect for your audience. I am thrilled to encourage, inspire, and deliver a fantastic message!

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