4 Ways to Survive Thanksgiving

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Pinterest  has some of the best memes regarding this national holiday of thanks – and many of them involve the number of drinks it takes to survive Thanksgiving… a.k.a. a few days cloistered with family. I do love a nice mimosa, but this morning, my drink of choice is coffee with my sister-in-law’s favorite creamer, […]

Meet Edgar Review

Our On-Again, Off-Again Relationship

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Six months ago, I had no idea that “entrepreneur” would be a word used to describe me in my bio. Yet God so clearly laid out a direction. Starting my business as a complete newbie when it came to programs, platforms, and software systems has been overwhelming to the say least. Adding financial insecurity (due in […]

Happy 240th Birthday to the USMC

Twelve years ago, I rocked the hottest dress I have ever bought. Red glitter, spaghetti straps (they were in), and an asymetrical hemline. My shoes were red glitter heels and I literally left a trail of sparkle everywhere I went.   Twelve years ago, I attended my first United States Marne Corps Birthday Ball. The oldest […]

Why I Will Get up at 5 AM…Tomorrow

+ "Starting Your Own Business" Hustle Hour on Blab

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After yesterday’s particularly strange events… I’d consumed a caffeine supplement mid-afternoon {mistake} which left me wired and focused to the point that I stayed up until 5:45 AM.  Two hours of sleep and then the potty overflows. Two inches of water and ten sopping wet towels (that I washed in super hot water and promptly […]

Do You Live a Double Life?

If you ever thought this life was perfect

This story from the New York Post entitled “Our Double Lives: Dark Realities Behind ‘Perfect’ Online Profiles” really touched my heart today and was a good reminder that we don’t have to “appear” perfect online. The real and raw are more endearing than a catalog-perfect existence. The dining room table is cluttered with Dorito bags, math books, […]

Stay Out of Trouble on Periscope

...and other social media

I heard the BEST advice summed up on an article entitled “Legal Issues with Periscope” by Ruth Carter. I had to share. Before you do or say anything online (and in real life): “Assume everything you post will be seen by four people: your best friend, your worst enemy, your boss, and your mother. If you don’t want […]