Contest Time!

Contest time

How do you think the Israelites felt when they walked next to a skyscraper of sea water? Did brave children slide their hands across the water wall like a surfer gliding on the surface? Were they afraid to take that first step? Through an incredible number of confirmations in the past four days, I heard God […]

Understand Your Dating Boundaries


Navigating the dating waters can be extremely confusing, and at times, frustrating. Everyone has their own idea about what you should do – your parents, friends, and the guys who like you. It can be hard to decipher the boy code at this age, since boys aren’t usually mature enough to tell a girl he […]

The Secret to Surviving the Suck

Secet to Surviving the Suck

Some nightmares break with dawn. Others survive the daylight. For over a decade, each even-numbered year starting in 2000 has been life-changing. I’ve named them after their greatest accomplishment: 2000 – went to my dream school – Florida State University 2002 – met Justin Jett, the love of my life 2004 – made his name […]

This Week’s Sneak Preview

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Coming up this week: 1. How to create a worry book and put worries in their place! 2. Why Scrivener is a billion times better than Microsoft Word, plus a coupon code for 20% off! Don’t miss a post! Enter your email address in the box in the right sidebar. Not only will every post be […]

Never Chase a Guy – 3 Reasons Why

During a Pinterest procrastination session, I stumbled upon a gem of an article entitled “3 Reasons to Never Chase a Man.” I was impressed that it was written by a guy. It makes my heart happy when men share this advice. Adds authenticity and a voice that we don’t often hear in this crazy dating […]

Create your Custom Planner for Under $7

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Over the years, I’ve spent a good amount of money on different sized planners with refillable sheets, week-at-a-glance spiral bounds, large desk calendars, and various online apps. Usually about a quarter of the way through the year, the planner stops working for me. Instead of it being a tool, it becomes a chore. I needed a […]

How the Car Line Helped Me Learn Patience

Photo Credit: MoBikeFed via Flickr cc

Our van has automatic doors. This was revolutionary, since our old van had automatic NOTHING. It goes to my head a little, when I can push a button on the ceiling and either side door will open on its own. It’s the small things. However, the van doors do not automatically open unless the van […]