5 Habits that will Improve your Platform and Save you Time

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Does managing the never-ending spiral of social media, marketing, branding, networking, and not to mention live streaming make you feel like poking your eyes out with the handiest Sharpie pen you can find? Could 5 Daily Habits actually improve your quality of life? Me thinks, yes. The business side of writing – marketing, social media, […]

Writers Conferences Change Lives

Our special guest Eva Marie Everson chats with us about writers conferences! One of our favorite conferences – Florida Christian Writers Conference. Benefits of Writers Conferences Networking – “THE opportunity for writers to connect with other writers, agents, editors, and other creatives.” How to Get Ready Have a proposal ready. Practice your pitch. Research the […]

Eight Core Values that are Important to the Digital Generation

Social Saturday with Ronei Harden

Tomorrow we’re chatting about the eight core values that are important to the digital generation from the book Grown Up Digital. We’ll have three generations represented to discuss how things have changed and how each generation responds to them and transforms industries.

Top Influencers, Programs, Books, Mistakes, Wins, & a Gift for You

Annual Review

2015 Annual Review - FB

Ready for some goodies? I’ve been stalling writing this post because I wanted to make sure I included all the value I want to share. Yet today I was inspired by one of my top influencers {check out John Meese’s annual review} and knew it was time to share. Even-numbered years have been great for Justin […]

35 Things Only Women with a Mid-Maintenance Fashion Sense Understand

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I can’t get enough of lists like “Top Signs You’re….,” “Five Things Only a ______ Will Get” and “You May be ______ if…” LOVE them. So much so that after my bestie posted “19 Things Only Women with a Low Maintenance Fashion Sense Understand” on Facebook, I had to create my list. The Mid-Maintenance list. […]

Three Ways to Stop Being a People-Pleaser

without being a jerk


My name is Bethany and I’m a recovering people-pleaser. Growing up, my decisions were made for me, as they often are for children. When I got to pick my birthday restaurant, people would whisper their favorite places and the specialness of my day became a turmoil of stress, making sure everyone was happy with my choice. Unfortunately, […]

Best Tools for your Work-At-Home Business

with Shalon Ironroad

We have a treat for you today! Shalon Ironroad is a Business Management Consultant and Virtual Assistant Mentor. We’re sharing our lists of best tools to use for your Work-At-Home business!   Bethany’s List I’m currently using: New Kajabi (membership site and online store) Infusionsoft (email and Customer Relationship Management system aka CRM) Meet Edgar […]