What Language Do You Speak?

Day 1: Dr. Gary Chapman

Gary Chapman, 7 Day Family Challenege

I didn’t think Justin and I fought a lot when we were dating until we read The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman. I realized I took it for granted when Justin would hold open car doors for me. After all, I was looking for a gentleman. What I realized was that everything Justin did for me […]

Through the Eyes of Hope Released Today!!!!

Through the Eyes of Hope, BethanyJett.com

Writing a book is a long journey. Even before you write a single word, there is a process of outlining the story, negotiating deadlines, and finally getting a signed contract. Today is the culmination of months of work. I’m thrilled to be part of Through the Eyes of Hope: Love More, Worry Less, and See God in the Midst of Adversity, […]

Be the CEO of your Life

Be the CEO of Your Life; BethanyJett.com

I spent New Year’s weekend redesigning a new Semi-Annual planner to add to the My Moments collection. My menfolk took a boys-only trip out-of-state and I was left blissfully alone, the house, the TV, the food to myself. Heaven. I made chicken pot pie with a biscuit-subbed-for-pie-crust topping, binged Hotel Hell and the New Year’s Day […]

Shadowbox Worthy Gifts

Shadowbox Worthy Gifts, bethanyjett.com

It’s past my kids’ bedtime. They have their screens upstairs, so I know they’re not asleep. Honestly, I don’t really care that they’re still awake. Justin is laying across the ottoman, his legs outstretched, his head resting on our wingback chair as he reads some articles on his phone. I’m wedged between our couch’s chaise […]

Office Before and After

office before and after bethanyjett.com

Today I guest posted for the Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference on why your workspace matters. Be sure to check it out. As a fun bonus, I thought I’d show you behind the scenes of my current office, the office I loooooooove. This room functions as an office and guest bedroom, but is the one […]

The Shallow List of Thanks

BetJett's Friday Five

shallow list of thanks, bethany jett.com

I hope everyone had a great day yesterday, relaxing, working, reading, writing, eating…definitely eating…and perhaps a little pre-Black Friday shopping. We had a lovely stress-free day and it was wonderful, as was the cornbread casserole, which was the first side dish to be completely obliterated. My poor beautiful green bean casserole was not shown the […]

Day 22-31: Trick, Treat, or Treadmill

31 Days to Stop Binge-Eating


It’s been 31 days of this writing challenge which is crazy. I wasn’t sure if I would write every day…and I didn’t…but I think that’s okay. I didn’t want this to become a play-by-play food log. However, the accountability of the challenge did help. #1 Gym membership. I LOVE working out with my husband, but consistency […]

Days 16-21: Self-Consciousness & Childhood Routines

31 Days to Stop Binge-Eating

bethanyjett.com, #write31days

Confession: I despise how I look. Sometimes I’ll take a super great selfie and I know it looks like the body attached to the face is a size six…at the max…which is a total falsehood. Being extremely self-conscious of my weight means I don’t want to go to the doctor or even use a free […]

Days 7 – 15: Off the Wagon

Bethany Jett, #Write31Days

I’m lame. I really thought I’d blog each day but alas. Here we are at Day 15. I’ve totally binged. On the way to speak at a fundraiser for the HOPE Resource Center, I enjoyed more than my share of snack-age. Staples for the road trip: caramel cremes, honey bbq Fritos, and a sugar-free Monster […]

Day 6: Eating before Public Speaking

31 Days to Stop Binge-Eating

stop binge-eating, bethanyjett.com

Tonight I’m speaking a pregnancy crisis center fundraiser and I am beyond jazzed. But with public speaking comes nervous jitters and delicate tummies. I definitely won’t binge-eating tonight, unless it’s after the fundraiser. Bring it on. Tips for Eating Before Public Speaking To prepare for tonight’s talk, I ate a balanced breakfast of cheerios and […]