The Greatest Testimony

Maddie Singing 3

As a little girl I was always performing for my parents. I remember my dad would play a “pretend” drum roll and announce me as I strolled out in front of my audience which was my mom, dad and any other guest that “just so happened to be there!” My parents always made me feel […]

4 Areas of Life that are Ugly Before they are Pretty

Familiar with the phrase, “It’s always calmest before the storm”? Or “It’s always darkest before the dawn”? I’m adding a new one: “It’s always ugliest before the pretty.” I walked into my favorite salon yesterday with two-day-old hair pulled back in a messy bun (sorry, Meghan), and couldn’t wait to get my roots touched up […]

Makeup Won’t Send you to Hell

It’s okay to wear makeup! I was applying mascara the other day when I remembered a discussion regarding the sinfulness of cosmetics. Basically, the people involved were saying that wearing makeup was sinful. The more naked your face, the closer to Jesus and all that. I’m pretty conservative – no shocker there – but when […]

Meet Vonda Skelton

Reason #1 to attend a writers conference: making new friends and connections, aka networking. A couple of weeks ago I attended the Florida Christian Writers Conference and met some incredible people. One of them was the fabulous Vonda Skelton, Christian speaker, author, and funny lady. Vonda’s sweet Southern charm and enthusiastic personality made her number […]

Be Awesome

Did you do something awesome today? Wouldn’t it be great if, at the end of every day, we could lay in bed and think about the awesome thing we built, created, cooked, wrote, said, or did? So far, I’ve started a project, made cheddar bay biscuits, and not eaten any candy. I think I can […]

Public Speaking Panic

I’m preparing for two speaking engagements this week. My first talk is for approximately 75 high school girls. They’ll see a prom fashion show, have dinner, listen to me speak on confidence, and then they’ll visit different pampering stations. They’ll also get to pick out a prom dress. SO FUN! Then I’ll be speaking at […]

God is not Sephora

Thousands of pretty bottles, tubes, and jars line the shelves of my favorite beauty store. Known for high-end, try-before-you-buy cosmetics, Sephora is like Christmas morning to me. Friendly faces greet you when you enter, offering assistance on the best foundation for your skin tone, awesome eyeliner tips, and which lipstick will best suit your coloring. […]