Stay Out of Trouble on Periscope

...and other social media

I heard the BEST advice summed up on an article entitled “Legal Issues with Periscope” by Ruth Carter. I had to share. Before you do or say anything online (and in real life): “Assume everything you post will be seen by four people: your best friend, your worst enemy, your boss, and your mother. If you don’t want […]

BetJett’s Book Club

Starting July 1st

betjett book club

Along with this amazing new blog design, #TeamBetJett is launching our first ever Book Club! I knew the moment we had the idea to start a book club which book we’d read first. Not only did I read it in less than one day, I gobbled up the rest of the series. I may have sent […]

Get Started Making Money as a Freelancer

Our weekly Periscope Crawl (#pcrawl) happens tomorrow at 7:31 PM Central.

periscope crawl with Misti Moss Freelancing.pngWe are featuring Serious Writer Master Misti Moss who will share tips on how to get started making money as a freelancer. She’s built an incredible business and this will be a scope NOT to miss!

Here’s the lineup:


Use #pcrawl – see you then!

**Update: replay and challenge details on!


Hot or Not?

Here's a List

I saw this article on and LOVED it — “Do you Act Like a “Hot” Girl or a “Not” Girl?” These were my two favorites, and are exactly what I talked about in my book, The Cinderella Rule, except with a Christian worldview. Change “hot” to “confident” and it’s pretty much spot on. My two faves […]

Contest Time!

Contest time

How do you think the Israelites felt when they walked next to a skyscraper of sea water? Did brave children slide their hands across the water wall like a surfer gliding on the surface? Were they afraid to take that first step? Through an incredible number of confirmations in the past four days, I heard God […]

Understand Your Dating Boundaries


Navigating the dating waters can be extremely confusing, and at times, frustrating. Everyone has their own idea about what you should do – your parents, friends, and the guys who like you. It can be hard to decipher the boy code at this age, since boys aren’t usually mature enough to tell a girl he […]

The Secret to Surviving the Suck

Secet to Surviving the Suck

Some nightmares break with dawn. Others survive the daylight. For over a decade, each even-numbered year starting in 2000 has been life-changing. I’ve named them after their greatest accomplishment: 2000 – went to my dream school – Florida State University 2002 – met Justin Jett, the love of my life 2004 – made his name […]