Prayer Doesn’t Work

Wife to Husband:  “How did I get to be so lucky to have you?”

Husband:   “You prayed hard.”

Wife:    “I did pray hard.”  She leans her head on his shoulder.
Husband:  “I didn’t pray hard, and I got you.”
Wife gasps, picks up her head and looks at him accusingly.
Husband: “. . . and I got the better end of the deal.”
He explained, “You prayed hard and got me. I didn’t pray hard and I got you. Moral of the story, prayer doesn’t work.”
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It’s awesome to be in a relationship where you can banter back and forth. Most husbands agree that teasing their wives is their favorite pastime. As frustrating as it can be, not much has changed from when we were dating and the same is true for you.
If your boyfriend likes to playfully tease you now, he’ll be doing it when you’re married. It’s how they show they “like” you. Think about little kids. When a little girl complains that a boy is pulling her hair or teasing her, all adults agree, “he probably likes you, he just doesn’t know how to show it.”
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Playful teasing is an indicator that a boy likes you, and I’ll be honest, the day my husband stops teasing me is the day I’ll be worried.
After being together for ten years, he still likes me. That’s a good feeling.
. . . and just for the record, my husband does believe in prayer.



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June 24, 2012

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