Makeup Monday: Lip Plumpers Deflate Expectations & 5 AM Club

We made it to 2014, and as promised, Makeup Mondays begin. There is nothing spiritual about lip plumper. I’m not making any references to lip vanity, trying to Scripturalize lip gloss, or make assertions that the bigger the lips, the closer to God…….

We’re just gonna talk makeup for a few minutes.

NYC lip plumpers title

In the Power of Makeup Series, I mentioned spending more money on better quality products was worth every penny. After my latest cheap-y lip gloss purchase, I couldn’t agree more with myself.

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Take for example, the NYC plumping lip gloss I bought at CVS for $3.79 each. Great deal.

Until I put it on.

To relate to my experience, go into your bathroom. Open Vaseline. Smear on lips. Repeat.  Or go into your kitchen. Open lard container used for seasoning cast iron skillets. Smear on lips. Repeat. (Lard in cookies is fantastic, though. Just saying.)


1. Smells bad.

2. Feels bad.

3. Tastes bad.

I had a slight tingling sensation expected from a lip plumping gloss. The first time I ever used a lip plumper, my lips felt like pins and needles. You get used to it. The collagen is expanding your kissers.

Yet, my lips didn’t plump. They looked glossy in a bad way — and I hate them.

Save your $3.79. Since I spent over $7 on the pair, I could have spent another $7 and bought a fantastic high-end lip plumper from Sephora. These poor things are going bye-bye.

5 AM Club

On another note, I joined the 5 AM club (@5clubapp on Twitter). I actually did it, after staying up past midnight. And LOVED it.

I’m the girl who hated reading articles about people getting up early. I avoid the parts of Scripture that reference Daniel praying early in the morning. I skip anything having to do with early morning. Always.

But today was awesome.

I spent an hour-and-a-half journaling, reading my Bible, and praying. And drinking coffee. The boys are up now and I have to help with breakfast and make lunches, but the rest of my morning can be devoted to a bit of housework, starting my college coursework (ugh), and getting ready for my job.

I loved the quiet time. Alone time. Me time.

I have more time this morning to work on my dream. To shamelessly market my dating guide for late teens, college-age girls, and all single women.  To book speaking engagements. To write articles. To learn.

What could you get done in the extra hour or two hours that getting up at 5 AM would offer? What would your day look like if you were awake for your 8 AM class? your 7:30 commute? your staff meeting? your dream?

What would your relationship with God look like?

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Let me know if you join the 5 AM Club as well. Today was awesome for me.

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Bethany Jett

Bethany Jett loves sipping coffee and jamming in her planner while raising three boys with her college sweetheart Justin.

January 6, 2014

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