35 Things Only Women with a Mid-Maintenance Fashion Sense Understand

I can’t get enough of lists like “Top Signs You’re….,” “Five Things Only a ______ Will Get” and “You May be ______ if…”

LOVE them. So much so that after my bestie posted “19 Things Only Women with a Low Maintenance Fashion Sense Understand” on Facebook, I had to create my list. The Mid-Maintenance list.

Yes. Mid-Maintenance. It exists, it just gets roped in high-maintenance behaviors. I know my fellow M-M sisters are out there. Raise your sometimes polished right hand, ladies! I need to see you.

Mid-Maintenance Fashion Sense

    1. You practice hairstyles you see on Pinterest.
    2. You have more than one curling iron.
    3. You can achieve almost any hairstyle with a flat iron and bobby pins, even curling your hair.
    4. You know that the “natural” look requires at least five steps of makeup.
    5. You have several hats of different style that you wear 5% of the time. But you have them. Just in case.
    6. Your hairstylist is a bestie. She keeps your thin hair a secret and talks you out of “magazine hair.”
    7. Your hair could be wash-and-go, but the thought of anyone seeing that makes you cringe.
    8. You sometimes leave your makeup on all night because the thought of taking it off makes you cringe.
    9. You cringe a lot. Not really.
    10. You have several pairs of black shoes, and some only go with one outfit.
    11. Heels are worth every bit pain. Cute heels, that is.
    12. You know you should take off your makeup before bed, but you don’t always do it.
    13. You pack an outfit for every day, plus a bonus outfit for every day. Then you remove two outfits. Done.
    14. You have a separate carry-on bag for your toiletries. Even if you aren’t flying.
    15. You pack your hairdryer.
    16. You have more than one eyeliner depending on the event you’re going to.
    17. You know the right eyeshadows for your eye color, and you use them.
    18. One coat of mascara is a waste of mascara. Two coats for day, three coats for night, minimum.
    19. You’re not afraid of false lashes, but if your mascara looks like falsies, win-win.Jeans and t-shirts are great…with a third accessory added (belt, scarf, jacket). Rule of three!
    20. You love jewelry because it instantly dresses up a basic tee.
    21. You aren’t afraid of liquid eye liner.
    22. Nail polish – take or leave it, but NEVER chipped.
    23. Teeth whitener. Amen.
    24. You have self-tanning lotion and gloves in your bathroom to be used for special occasions.
    25. Paying more for quality cosmetics is a no-brainer. They last longer and look better.
    26. Hair color is done at the salon and only at home if it’s an emergency.
    27. Hair products go way beyond shampoo and conditioner…heat protector, root boost, aragon oil, wax, pomade, hair spray {Kenra all the way}.
    28. Hair products are only bought at a salon because you don’t trust online or other stores not to cut the product.
    29. Your skin care and makeup doesn’t fit in the same cosmetics bag.
    30. You are brand loyal for almost all your products, even if it means you’re loyal to multiple brands.
    31. You use your anti-aging skin care on your hands and neck.
    32. Thrift store shopping is great…when you find your favorite brands.
    33. You have favorite brands.
    34. When you read the benefits of a silk pillowcase, you order it on Amazon immediately…in black…because you don’t always take off your mascara before bed.
    35. You love your yoga pants and hoodies, just like every high-maintenance and low-maintenance girl in the world. It’s the tie that binds us together. 🙂



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Bethany Jett

Bethany Jett loves sipping coffee and jamming in her planner while raising three boys with her college sweetheart Justin.

January 3, 2016

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