Fake Punt Attitude

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Missing a goal stinks, but it’s not weighing me down.

I’m inspired by mom’s mantra for this year, inspired by Pinterest: (follow me. I pin cool things.)

When something goes wrong in your life, just yell “Plot Twist” and move on.

After last night’s BCS Championship game – GO NOLES – I have a spin on the plot twist mantra:

Fake punt. 

Florida State trailed for the first time since September. . . and they made mistake after uncharacteristic mistake. Fumbles. Incomplete passes. Missed tackles.

Terrible. I cried a little bit. #notashamed

My brother and I stopped talking. He got mad at me for being upset in the 1st quarter when we were down 7-3.

Then Coach Jimbo Fisher called for a fake punt: Florida State lined up to punt the ball to Auburn, but instead ran the ball for a first down. One small decision changed the course of the game.

One small decision can change the course of your future.

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ESPN says it’s the play that turned the game around, ending with Florida State winning 34-31.

Watching the attitudes of players and the performance after that fake punt was incredible. The mistakes dropped dramatically. Suddenly, Kelvin Benjamin caught the ball. Jameis Winston connected with his receivers. Our offensive linemen blocked, and the defense tightened up.

Fake Punt.

When life stinks, make something awesome happen. Do something unexpected. Fake punt.

Complete a small project. Clean out your desk drawer. Finish a book you’ve started. Go for a run. Cook something incredible. Do something that lifts your spirits.

I missed my goal of waking up at 5 AM. After joining the 5 AM Club two days ago, I only did it once. Epic fail. Staying up ’til 1 AM watching post-game coverage didn’t lend to a 5 AM wake-up. But you know what? It’s not weighing me down. I’ll wake up at 5 AM tomorrow. And I let myself sleep on the couch a bit this morning, since I have to drive to and from a cheer competition tonight.

No stress. No worries. Fake punt.

That fake punt pivoted the game. The air of defeat was lifted by that one play. Fake punt, baby. Make it a great one.

[reminder]What small decision can alter the course of your future?[/reminder]




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Bethany Jett

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January 7, 2014

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