Life’s too Short to Have Ugly Things

About two years ago, I resolved that life was too short to surround myself with boring, mundane objects.

title pic chevron mug

Since I work from home and stay home with our youngest son, the majority of my life is spent in my house…and I looooove being in my home. Why not surround myself with beauty?

What I liked most when flipping through magazines was seeing the textures and patterns people used in their decor. I realized I had black. Tan. White. Dull. Boring. Ugly.

I decided “no more.”

Or “Nevermore” for any fans of The Following. That show is haunting.

I replaced my ugly stained plastic tupperware with sleek glass pyrex.

My china is no longer in boxes, but easily accessible in the cupboards.

We tossed our cheap, scratched plastic cups and use the embellished or engraved glassware my husband loves, except for the boys, who drink out of bright plastic cups themed around their favorite movies and shows ($1 each at Walmart).

Our “special occasion” glassware are displayed in our dining room instead of hiding in a cupboard.

So my rule of thumb is if there is only a few dollars difference between the standard basic item and the prettier, more decorative item, I spend the money. Especially if it’s an item I will use or look at often. Some examples:

My pink chevron coffee mug. Keeps my morning caffeine at the perfect temp: not too hot.

Zebra Scissors.

photo 4

Items in my cupboard home office:

  • blue starred bins for Justin’s nuts, bolts, screws, nails, etc., and one for the boys’ thermometers and nail clippers
  • decorative magazine holders for magazines and important papers to file
  • decorative organizer for coupons and miscellaneous items
  • textured detailed pencil holder (hard to see design)
  • lilac divider for commonly useful objects
  • scrapbook paper as wallpaper to freshen the look

right side up

Black and teal are my office colors, so I invested in teal file boxes.

file boxes

To keep my cami’s out of the closet and easily accessible, I keep them in a decorative box on one of our bedroom shelves.

cami box collage

Moving into the bathrooms, I finally found a shower curtain that I LOVE. Add a grey fluffy bath mat and I’m happy, happy, happy.
shower curtain

My bathroom is my favorite color combination of all. I love the tile in the shower and this shower curtain was perfect.

shower curtain mine

I love when my house smells awesome, so I paired down my Air Wick and Glade plug-ins, and invested in Scentsy warmers. These are similar to ones you can find at Walmart or Yankee Candle. I don’t care much for the scents at Walmart, and the Scentsy ones last forever and smell amazing. I have put Yankee Candle scents in the warmers and that’s amazing, too. I don’t spend as much on air fresheners now, since these last for-ev-er.

scentsy wall plug

We don’t have a lot of storage in our tiny master bathroom, with absolutely no drawer space. So our cotton products are elegantly displayed in glass apothecary jars.

glass jars

[reminder]What items do you use to beautify your home or office?[/reminder]



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Bethany Jett

Bethany Jett loves sipping coffee and jamming in her planner while raising three boys with her college sweetheart Justin.

December 30, 2013

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