Why You Need a Smash Book

The most awesome present I received last year was a Smash Book.

The rules with a  Smash Book: there are no rules. No need for fancy cutting or stickers. If you have something you want to keep, a la movie ticket stubs, pictures, game or event stubs, glue it in. Wherever you want. It’s supposed to look “lived-in.”

I keep my Smash Book in the same bag with my Bible and journal. Every once in a while I’ll clean out my wallet and transfer the items I want to keep to the Smash Book. I’ve had such fun with it this year, and I’m ecstatic to go to Michaels and get another one.

title why you need a smashbook

What supplies do you need?

  • Smash Book
  • Scrapbooker’s glue, two-sided sticky attachers, glue dots

Extra supplies:

  • stickers
  • quote cards
  • pen
  • embellishments

Here’s what I used last night, plus some stickers to finish 2013’s book.


The inner cover holds some extras that came with the Smash Book, and I added a speakers badge and a favorite verse.

inside cover

Here’s an example of some things I put in my Smash Book. One the left is a picture my sweet then-2-yr-old Josiah drew of me. On the right is the Christmas card I got from my JV girls. I love them. The inside of the card is precious.


Here is my movie ticket and event page. I write movie reviews for Sonoma Christian Home magazine, so I saw more movies this year than any other year ever. I left room for more movie tickets once I find them.

movie tickets

It’s a little . . . embarrassing . . . awkward . . . but I have about eight people that I religiously read and follow. These are people that I admire for their wisdom, and the fact that they have achieved what I want to achieve.

As silly as it may seem to some, I was thrilled on the two separate occasions that Jon Acuff and Jeff Goins started following me on Twitter. I printed the email notification and included it in my Smash Book because it made my day.


There you have it.

My Smash Book kept lots of little pieces of “keepsakes” from piling up around my desk, as it took seconds to paste them in the book. I love that everything for my year is one place.

My next step is to add some of the quotes from my boys in some of the “white space” areas. I can’t wait to start one for this year. In fact, I loved this so much, I’m getting a second Smash Book to start adding in some of the keeps from years past.

If you love scrapbooking, but don’t have a lot of time to devote to it, a Smash Book is a great way to scratch that itch without breaking the bank and getting too involved in a big project.

[reminder]What kinds of things would you put in your Smash Book?[/reminder]



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Bethany Jett

Bethany Jett loves sipping coffee and jamming in her planner while raising three boys with her college sweetheart Justin.

December 31, 2013

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