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[callout]Nicole O’Dell is the founder of Choose NOW Ministries, bringing a message of hope for today’s families through daily articles, weekly radio shows, and the printed word. A mother of six herself, she has authored 23 books for parents and teens, both fiction and nonfiction, all with the goal of helping the reader make good choices NOW.[/callout]

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Y’all are young adults, right? And you’re wondering why I’m writing to you about a set of books/resources for parents?

I get it. It might not make sense on the surface, but I was a teenager once upon a time. And even in the midst of all the heartache in my parent/teen relationships, I wanted them to be better. So badly. I wanted to fix the communication problems, the misconceptions, the anger. I wanted to make things right. But I didn’t know how. And, to be honest, I really wanted my parents to be the ones to pull me back. I wanted them to say a magic word or give me a cleansing hug that erased the past. But we never did find the way to make that happen. At least not until we did.

I’m Nicole O’Dell, author, founder of Choose NOW Ministries, and mom of six. I realize that the issues you have as teens involve things like alcohol, drugs, Internet dangers, sex, image issues, eating disorders, cutting, etc, etc–and all of that make your parents’ jobs so much more difficult.

powerline365, powerline 365, parenting teens, parent teen relationships, christian teens, nicole o'dell, choose nowThey need your help. Trust me, they do. They need for you to look past their confusion and their overreactions. They need you to see past the mistakes they made in their past and the ones they’ll make in their future. They need you to overlook the fumbling ways they approach the issues you face and forgive them for the needs they miss. Ultimately, they need you to see into their hearts and uncover their deepest intentions. They want to do right by you, and they’re doing the best they can. Right now.

Do you know what they struggle with as the cry out to God about being an effective parent? These are some of the questions they ask:

  • How can I keep my kids grounded in the faith?
  • What if I lose connection with my teenagers?
  • What do I say when they ask about my past?
  • How can I stop just trying make it through and actually enjoy my kids?
  • How can I make this a positive time in our relationship and in my teen’s faith walk?
  • How do I help my teenagers know Jesus for real?
  • What if they never do?

Knowing that they want the best for you and in their relationship with you, and knowing that they struggle with doubt and fear, aren’t you happy to know there’s a way you can help them out? A way you can help equip them with the tools they need to really make a difference in how the interact with you on a daily basis and how they deal with life’s issues?

I, along with my team at Choose NOW Publishing, I’ve just launched an incredible set of resources that hits right in the heart of your need. Powerline365 is just the companion your parents need to victoriously power through this next year and beyond.

powerline, powerline365, powerline 365, raise christian teens, parenting, nicole o'dell, choose now publishing, 365Powerline365
Plugging Parents of Teens into the Source

Powerline365 is a high-voltage, multi-format daily devotional to help parents raise Christian teens without losing connection.

Parents can tap into the power they need to lead their teens into a vibrant personal relationship with Jesus. Many teens, even those from Christian homes, fail to connect with Him on a personal level. They forge on alone, searching for identity as the enemy pelts them with temptations and doubts. Parents left reeling, wondering where they went wrong.

Powerline365 offers daily insight to ground parents in truth as they plug into the Source. It’s time to power-parent from a place of confidence and surrender, believing God’s Word is true, and His promises will never go unfulfilled. And I am certain that God, who began the good work within [your teenager], will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. (Philippians 1:6, NLT)

Now for the fun part!

Am I asking you to buy your parents a book? No, not at all! What I’d love you to is visit the campaign page and see if you think Powerline365 is something your family would benefit from. Then, you can either participate to access the materials yourself, or you can show it to your mom or dad. Just knowing you’re thinking and trying to find new ways to build a better relationship will encourage them so much!

Would you pop over to our campaign page and see what we have going on? There’s a lot of great opportunity and interesting things you’ll only have access to through this campaign. Plus it’s the ONLY way to get ahold of these resources now, in time for 2014.

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GIVEAWAY: And all who participate in the campaign and leave a comment here will be entered to win a Spark30 devotional subscription. We’ll give away one for every ten participants. This can also be gifted!

My heartfelt prayer is that you’ll find victory in your relationship with your teens as you lead them to good choices and a strong faith in Jesus.




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