Dating Rule #7: Don’t Be “The Cleaner”

I first learned about the job of the “Cleaner” when I watched The Dark Knight with Christian Bale as Batman, and the late Heath Ledger as the Joker.

I loved Christian Bale in Newsies. Before it was cool to love Christian Bale. Sigh.

So…the Cleaner’s job is to kill all the people involved in a crime. This includes the person casing the joint, the guy who opens the safe, then the guards, etc. The Cleaner is the one who walks away.
In that sense, and that sense only, do I want you to walk away…from cleaning up after your main squeeze. I’ve seen too many sweet girls end up cleaning up their boyfriend’s rooms, or doing his chores.

Honey, don’t do his work for him!

If your boyfriend has to have his room cleaned before his parents will allow him to go somewhere, sit back, polish your nails, and wait. I understand the urge of your caring heart to want to help him, but that boy made the mess. Let him be responsible for it!

Honestly, the only woman who has the choice to clean up after her “little” boy is the mama, and if she’s not doing it, it is not your place to step in. Respect that she is teaching her son to be clean! A guy who lets his girlfriend clean up his room, or do his chores, is showing a laziness and a complacency for his dirtiness.

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You want a guy who wants to impress you!! He might not mind leaving his socks on the floor, but he should make sure his place is spotless before you come over! I promise, you want to marry a man who will help you clean. I can’t tell you how many times a day I mentally kiss my husband’s feet (well, his lips) for the amount of housework he helps with.

Remember, when you’re dating, you’re seeing your guy on his best behavior. He doesn’t “have” you, so this is the time he needs to impress you. Even if you’ve dating a long time, you’re looking towards a long future of picking up after him.

Sweet darling, you may love to clean. I understand that you want to treat your man like a king. But, this is not the way to do it. One day when you’re married and you have three kids and two dogs, what makes you think the man who doesn’t clean up after himself is going to help you clean up after anyone else?

A word for the parents:
Don’t let your son’s girlfriend do his chores or clean his room. Help guide your boy to have enough self-respect where he doesn’t let her do his work for him. Conversely, let your daughters know that it is not okay for her to clean up after her boyfriend. These are conversations you can have early!



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Bethany Jett

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January 15, 2013

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