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[guestpost]Today we are blessed to have one of my favorite roomies, amazing woman, and fellow author Laura L. Smith with us. She is fabulous. You’re gonna love today’s post![/guestpost]

I love award show season. I’ll ogle over George Clooney during the Academy Awards, because; well, because I do every year. I’m counting down until Sunday night so I can glue myself to the Grammy’s. And don’t even get me started on Frozen.


Every year it seems like there are more and more award shows rewarding everything from Best Costume Design at the Academy Awards to Outstanding Performance Under Pressure for an athlete at the Espys.

In our house we give The Goat.


Although not quite as glamorous as a golden statue of a phonograph or a little bald man, The Goat is coveted and treasured in our home. We don’t select special outfits or write speeches in hopes of earning The Goat. Instead, we just try to be good people. And some days that’s easier than others.

Each night the recipient of The Goat from the previous night, sneaks into someone else’s room and places The Goat on the winner du jour’s pillow. Whoever is in possession of The Goat can award The Goat to whomever they want for any reason at all. There are no criteria. But, in the past The Goat has been awarded for listening to someone when they’ve been upset. It’s been snuck onto the pillowcase of someone who did somebody else’s chores. Some days The Goat appears in the bed of the person who had the hardest day, who cried and screamed (either literally or figuratively) but needs to be reminded how special they are.

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We all love to be recognized for our accomplishments. Whether that’s running the fastest mile at our school or at the Olympics, writing a moving song or a powerful essay, or sometimes just making someone smile.

Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven. Matthew 5:12


And we all have the ability to reward others for jobs well done. It doesn’t have to be a crystal statue. It can be a cookie (especially if it’s chocolate chip) or a text or a hug. Just something to let someone else know they’re special.

Is there anyone around you who could use a reminder that they are beautiful and amazing and lovely? Maybe you and your friends could award each other a rainbow loom or string bracelet when one of you does something especially awesome. Maybe you could send out the weekly tweet of “this week’s awesome French club member, or clarinet player with the most spirit or you name it award goes to …” Maybe you could award a teammate with great sportsmanship the right to pick which songs you jam to on the team bus. The possibilities to award those around us our limitless.

[reminder]Who can you make feel like a star today?[/reminder]


Laura L. Smith writes real stories for real girls. She addresses tough issues that are hard to talk about and even harder to get through. She reminds us, through her characters, that all things are possible through Christ. You can find her at

Her two latest novels, It’s Complicated and It’s Over are available here and here.




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January 22, 2014

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