Simplify Your Entire Year in Less than an Hour

My beautiful friend Tamsen Horton created the most amazing and SIMPLE way to plan her business, family….life….that I’ve ever seen. I took a cue from her playbook and have 2016 sketched out with MORE free time than I’ve EVER had.

Watch the conversation here.

Find Balance as a WAHM: The Flower Plans

Planning Your Year Using the 13-week System Allows You to 

  • Be a happier mom
  • Schedule your vacation time and feel good about it
  • See the vision for your entire year
  • Make life adjustments and free up your time
  • Get things moving in your business
  • Be more flexible with your projects
  • Work your business around the kids schedule

Integrate your 13-week system into the quarterly My Moments Planner.

Tamsen’s Flower Planning System – Plan Your Entire Year as a “Flower”

  • Your “why” is the center of the flower
  • The petals are used to plan quarterly
  • Post-its notes can be used for product launches
  • Tasks should be broken down into three main tasks to stay focused
  • Use a 13-week cycle for your business 4 times
  • “Baby-proof” your business
  • Cyclical 3 month planning helps grow your business and be prepared

To learn more about the Flower Planning System, watch the @TamsenHorton periscope replay.

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The Weekly Business Plan Flower

  • The flower and petals are used to make a mind map of the entire business
  • Flower stalk represents the week’s focus, Broken down into 13 weeks
  • Example: Training week, Create content week
  • The 3 leaves are the three essential things that need to get done each day
  • Example: Have a quiet time, Take care of the kids, Exercise
  • Mapping out the entire year gives you permission not to be a workaholic
  • How to say NO – Your flower plan is #1

To learn more about the Business Plan Flower, watch my periscope replay.





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Bethany Jett

Bethany Jett loves sipping coffee and jamming in her planner while raising three boys with her college sweetheart Justin.

December 2, 2015

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