How to Get Work Done with Kids at Home

How to get work done – with kids at home!!! What’s your fave tip? Let us know in the comments!

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Fun Activity Idea for the Holidays

Create a vision board with the kids. Cut pictures out of magazines that you want in your life. Make it a family craft and get creative together!

The holidays are a great time to create a vision board together, because you have extra time and it helps the kids look forward to upcoming changes and also teaches them to strive towards their dreams.

How do you juggle managing a business from home with kids?

  • Make a chore chart! Have the kids help make the chart so they can help each day.
  • Set boundaries when filming or recording. This helps the kids work out little fights between each other.
  • It is okay for your kids to see you working. It teaches them balance and dedication.
  • Working from home helps teach the kids about money. Share with your kids what you is going on in your business.
  • Get your kids involved in your business. Have them help with labels!
  • Give your kids chores that you would otherwise be controlling about. Get out of your own way so everyone can feel better about the daily routine.
  • It is ok to let things be a little messy!

How do you get your kids to behave in public?

  • If a stranger comments on your well-behaved kids, the kids get a treat.
  • Teach them that they are in control of their attitude and their behavior.
  • Bring books for your kids to read or if they are more active, sketch books, comic books, or activity books work well.
  • Have a “feelings” journal for your kids to use each morning to write out how they are feeling and keep it to use for them to write in when they are upset.

When should you use screens (TV, videogames, phone, ipad) with kids?

  • Teach them how to use digital tools for good.
  • Understand what is educational and what is mind-numbing.
  • Remember everything in moderation.
  • Before sitting your kids in front of a screen, ask yourself what is your intent.
  • Monitor if the shows they are watching are fueling their attitude and adjust.
  • Screens can be replaced with board games, books, comic books or sketch books.




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December 15, 2015

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