Office Before and After

office before and after

Today I guest posted for the Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference on why your workspace matters. Be sure to check it out. As a fun bonus, I thought I’d show you behind the scenes of my current office, the office I loooooooove.

This room functions as an office and guest bedroom, but is the one room in the whole house that I was able to decorate as girly as I wanted. Here are some shots we took the first day after laying the rug, making the bed, and applying the chandelier decal.

Before Shots, office space

This bedspread and rug are my favorite things. I did a lot of deal-searching on Amazon and until I got an excellent price. Both were purchased on Amazon. My desk is glass-topped, which I sort-of hated until I realized how perfect it is for using neon Expo markers on the surface.

We “heart” IKEA and these espresso bookcases have been lifesavers. We have them in several sizes, so with each move we’re able to fit them perfectly into different rooms. The two black-and-white damask bags from Thirty-One were the inspiration behind the theme.

This is also how I love my office to look. My beautiful, not yet finished office space looked amazing before we unpacked all my books.

I love everything about this room. The damask curtains, bedspread, the new teal bookshelf not shown that matches the teal IKEA bins perfectly.

After Shots

While I prefer an organized work area, after yesterday’s productive morning with three children spreading their schoolwork and knocking into stacks that need to be sorted and filed, this is the result…

I didn’t get a great shot of the curtains in the before…but wow!!!! As soon as I saw them, I knew they belonged with this room. The dry erase board is a DIY project with pretty teal handles on the four corners.

I hate all the papers that ended up on the floor…so I really only have myself to blame when a child kicks or pushes them out of a stack. A lot of my office stuff hasn’t been fully unpacked, so there is a lot of organizing left to do.

This last shot shows the awesome IKEA bookcase that my sweet husband surprised me with. There are never enough bookcases in our house and this one matched my office perfectly. The books are still waiting to be sorted into their proper places, but at least they are safe.

Honestly, it looked even worse before I took the picture.

One of my kids burrowed into the bed while doing his math, so the sheets were kicked all the way to the ends and the comforter was almost entirely on the floor.

This is not conducive to productivity. Thankfully, I was facing away from the clutter while I worked.

OH – I must mention my sweet little artificial tree sitting on the coffee table. I picked up that little cutie at Home Depot. I decided that just because I work from home doesn’t mean my business can’t celebrate Christmas. Now that I’m starting to work in here more often (instead of schlepping  the day’s necessities downstairs to the dining room table or couch), I want it to be festive.

Weekend Project

I’ve mentioned on Facebook several times…ahem… that I love and highly recommend the book The Magic Art of Tidying Up. While this room looks cray-cray, and it is, because I applied the principles in that book to my office before we moved, this room will take no less than an hour to get all back in order. The only real time constraint is filing the paperwork the way I want it, aka punched and spiral-bound for several projects.

I look forward to continuing to watch Gilmore Girls (finally made it to Season 4) while I get everything back in pristine condition and decorate a little for the holidays.

Maybe I’ll take a final After-After shot of the finished project. I’ll be so proud to finally and officially be unpacked.


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December 8, 2016

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