The Shallow List of Thanks

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I hope everyone had a great day yesterday, relaxing, working, reading, writing, eating…definitely eating…and perhaps a little pre-Black Friday shopping. We had a lovely stress-free day and it was wonderful, as was the cornbread casserole, which was the first side dish to be completely obliterated. My poor beautiful green bean casserole was not shown the same amount of culinary love.

Today, I want to focus on being thankful the good things in our lives. We always spend the few weeks before Thanksgiving being thankful and publicly expressing gratitude, but what about the day after?

I’m giving family, friends, God, a home, and a job as my “givens,” as in, I am extremely thankful for all of those things and they make the top of my list, and practically everyone else’s! So today, I’m sharing five bonus thanks.

If you’ve read The Cinderella Rule: a Young Woman’s Guide to Happily Ever After, you know I’m a fan of shallow lists, thus,

The Shallow List of Thanks

1. Same Day Delivery Services

Shipt and Amazon Prime Now are two of my most favorite things. They are a busy mom’s dream service. I’ve always said I would hire a housekeeper when we could afford one, to let me work on the things only I can do in my business and with my kids. However, I have found that teaching my kids to clean toilets will not only service them in the future (you’re welcome future daughters-in-law), it also saves me cash-ola.

Instead, I’ve found that not spending 2-3 hours at the grocery store (sometimes going more than once a week) has not only saved me time, but money. I’m an impulse shopper if I’ve ever met one. Seeing the total of my purchases before I buy has helped on spending and I’m not shocked at the register. LOOOOOOVE these two services. Well worth the tip and membership fees.

2. OverDrive App and Library Collective

Thanks to the OverDrive app and my library card, I’ve been able to inhale some amazing books for free. I have several bestsellers waiting for me in my holds list and as they come available, it’s like Christmas. I like highlighting in my books and being able to share awesome quotes, so reading on my Kindle has let me read way more than I would have if I had to rely on paperbacks and actually getting to the library each week.

This has not only kept my bookshelves from getting crowded, but has refined my taste and selectivity when actually purchasing a book. It also means since I’m not blowing my book budget, if I had set money aside for a book budget, I don’t mind splurging for the hardback of a book I really want.

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I tend to purchase more nonfiction so I can reference it or reread sections. It’s rare these days for me to reread a novel, so investing in the book purchase has a lower pull. The exceptions to this is when I’m reading a series and can’t wait for the next book to be available. I tore through Steven James’ Patrick Bower series, finishing one, leaving a review, then purchasing the next. If you know the series titles ahead of time, you can watch for later books to be on sale and get them before you’re ready to dive in.

To make up for all the reading for free, I try to leave a review with each book. These reviews are gold and all authors covet them, including me. *wink

3. Waze App

I am directionally-challenged. Before Waze came out, I was using Google Maps, which is a pretty great GPS program in my opinion. However, Waze lets users update in real time. I’ve avoided objects in the road, been warned of speed traps and accidents, and have saved time when traffic on the interstate slowed to a crawl and Waze rerouted me home.

4. Social Media

I love that I can stay in touch with people so easily. I love the updates, prayer requests, memes, and quizzes. I love connecting with people who would have been out of range of touch otherwise, and I value deeply the relationships I’ve made. Some of the people who are closest to my heart come from interacting online. Use social media for good and see what blessings come your way.

5. Capitalism

Notice I didn’t say materialism. I love that I’m able to start a business and work from home with the ability to earn as much as I want. I’m grateful that the only limits are what I put on myself, and that I have the freedom to burn the candle at both ends, or take a pause to focus on other things. I love the competition of the free market and I love that I get better deals from companies because they are also competing for business. Is my Ron Swanson showing?


Bonus: Friends and Family

I know I said this was too big for the “shallow list,” but when you have awesome people in your life, you have to acknowledge them. I’m thankful for the people who Bitmoji with me, send me funny memes, are people who I can share my crazy thoughts and feelings with, and who love me despite my weirdness. People are at the heart of everything I do, and while my deeply introverted self loves to be curled up on my couch with a book, I love that you love me despite it. 🙂 Love you all.

For the inspiration behind the hopefully weekly new series BetJett’s Friday Five, check out my sister’s Jilly’s Friday Five list over at Scripture and Heels.

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November 25, 2016

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