Day 4: No Midnight Snack

No Midnight Snack,

[guestpost]This is not a health & fitness blog, but when I saw the #Write31Days Challenge, I knew I wanted to pick a topic that I struggled with. In order to lead a Brilliant Life, the stress-eating has to stop. Welcome to the 31 Days to Stop Binge-Eating collection. Glad you’re here! #LiveBrilliant[/guestpost]It’s Day 4 of the #Writer31Days challenge. Technically, it’s almost midnight on Day 3, but I write these the evening before. This is the problem: I’m tired (exhausted, really) and I’m willing myself not to go get a snack.

If I wasn’t trying to be better about my eating habits, I’d go grab something. To be even more honest, if I was at my desired weight, I’d go get a snack.

Instead, I struggle with insecurity in this area and I. Hate. It. Apparently I don’t hate it enough to actually do something about it. This is the war that goes on in my head.

I’m speaking at a fundraiser this week and instead of being fifteen pounds lighter (my original goal), I’m exactly the same…perhaps a little fuller in the face than I’d like, but definitely not the skinnier version of myself I’d envisioned on stage.

In fact, I’m so aware and so hard on myself (anyone else call themselves bad names in their head?) that I bought three different kinds of spanx yesterday so my dress will look better and my figure not so lumpy.


I ate less caramel cremes today than I did yesterday. Win.

The boys and I had apples and grapes as a snack in the car. Win.

I didn’t finish off my boys’ Taco Bell Nacho Supremes. Win. Okay, I had three chips. or four. 

I closed my Move and Exercise rings today, but I didn’t exercise really hard. Win. Sorta.



  1. Drink a ton of water.
  2. Stay away from sweets.
  3. Eat whole foods.

I’ll be doing a lot of walking, so I’ll stay hydrated and hopefully that will help me look less bloated. I’m not happy with my selfies these days.

Not eating a midnight snack is a good call, so I’m proud of myself for that little bit of discipline. I think I’ll start looking for a treadmill so I can be walking and running at the house during the times I need a break from writing or housework.

Your Turn

Some of you have said that this is a topic you’re struggling with, too. Girlfriend, that is music to my ears. Weight is such a personal thing so it can feel a bit lonely…like you’re the only one who must. have. the. pizza. It’s nice to know that we’re going through this together, and together, we’ll get healthier, stronger, and more disciplined.

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Bethany Jett

Bethany Jett loves sipping coffee and jamming in her planner while raising three boys with her college sweetheart Justin.

October 4, 2016

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