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Six months ago, I had no idea that “entrepreneur” would be a word used to describe me in my bio. Yet God so clearly laid out a direction. Starting my business as a complete newbie when it came to programs, platforms, and software systems has been overwhelming to the say least. Adding financial insecurity (due in part to my husband’s job transition) and homeschooling…it’s downright exhausting.

One of the tools that I’m using to manage my social media presence is Meet Edgar.

He’s an expensive monthly date.

I still use Hootsuite’s free version, but mostly to monitor Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in a single browser window. A lot of people like Buffer, but I didn’t use it for very long.

The single most important feature that Edgar offers is the ability to recycle your library of saved posts, status, tweets, etc. I write my status or tweet, add a photo, choose one of the categories I’ve created, and choose which platform it goes to (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn). If I don’t need it to run at a specific time, it pops up to the top of my queue.

Social media guru and author Edie Melson says that roughly 16% of your audience is online at a single time. With Facebook’s algorithms changing constantly, I know my statuses aren’t being seen by the majority….barely 10% of people are even having it cross their newsfeeds.

I needed to find a better way, and Edgar met that need. My first month, my website traffic jumped 78% the first week and the next week it was up 73%.


  • Posts are written once. Edgar keeps them going. Boom.
    Somtimes I’ll reword a status for Twitter because of the word count limit, or I’ll expand a though for Facebook. Different audiences. Different platforms. Slightly different messages.
  • Because my content is auto posted, it allows me the freedom to only tweet and post statuses in real time as things happen.
  • If I am a Facebook Group Admin or Page owner, Edgar can post my statuses.
    This is great for my Serious Writers {members only} group because I can have my Motivational Monday Call-to-Action picture auto post on Monday’s at 7 AM EST to kick off our week. It takes the weight and time off my shoulders for recurring items like this.
  • I can schedule different categories to post at different times across different platforms.
    For example, if I’m promoting LeadPages, I don’t want to spam my followers or friends with constant “Buy This!” posts. So I stagger my “Promotional” category so it’s not overwhelming. This helps me deliver 80% content with 20% promotional posts.
  • Unlimited categories.
  • Intuitive and easy to use system.


  • $49 per month for 10 accounts (including Facebooks groups, pages, Twitter, and LinkedIn).

Many of the paid competition runs around the $29 range, although that was when I was doing comparions and that may have changed.

I used MeetEdgar for the first month, then decided to cancel. $49 is steep when you’re building a business and I needed to cut back. But when I looked at my numbers, I realized I couldn’t afford to not use him…it.

My older posts were now being seen, probably for the first time, by new readers, followers, and friends. The consistency of my social media presence was building and was no longer dependent upon trying to insert time in my day to repost articles or great content.

First a foremost, I’m a writer. I want people to read what I have to say, and I want to share other people’s work. If I write it once, share it that day, and let it die…it’s not a good use of my time or effort.

After a month without Edgar, I saw my numbers drop back down. I reinstated my account and blessed of all heavens, my content was still there…waiting for me.

See Inside Edgar

I’ve done a few Periscopes on Edgar and you can see them here. You can even scroll through the intros to get to the good stuff.

I believe MeetEdgar has a free trial available and I strongly recommend you try him out. Spend a night binge-watching Netflix and add your content. Then track your numbers and see what happens.



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Bethany Jett

Bethany Jett loves sipping coffee and jamming in her planner while raising three boys with her college sweetheart Justin.

November 18, 2015

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