Day Two: Close the Green Ring

close the green ring,

[guestpost]This is not a health & fitness blog, but when I saw the #Write31Days Challenge, I knew I wanted to pick a topic that I struggled with. In order to lead a Brilliant Life, the stress-eating has to stop. Welcome to the 31 Days to Stop Binge-Eating collection. Glad you’re here! #LiveBrilliant[/guestpost]It’s Day 2 of the #Write31Days Challenge. My topic: 31 Days to Stop Binge-Eating. In case you missed it, check out yesterday’s post here. I promised that I would share about how I got my husband to gift me a gym membership, so here we go.

It Started With a FitBit.

The majority of my work time is spent sitting on my derrière. In an effort to create awareness of how many steps I was taking in a day (and honestly, I was jealous of people’s challenge posts on Facebook), Justin found a cute purple FitBit HR on Craigslist. #WeLoveCraigslist

The heart rate portion of the FitBit HR was pretty important to me. Not to get too personal or anything, but my heart rate is pretty high as of late. This was a way for me to monitor my heart rate at rest and during exercise. Which I hate.

I was shocked at how little I walked during a normal day. Shocked.

The FitBit was awesome, especially because it would show me the name of the person calling me. I became addicted to checking my wrist when my phone rang. Thus entered the desire for the Apple Watch.

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This is turning into a really long story about nothing, so after Justin and I got Apple Watches, we started trying to close our activity rings each day. We’ve been taking walks and I’ve done a few HIIT workout videos at home.

Close the Green Ring

Recently though, I’ve really wanted to go back to the gym. I LOVED lifting weights and I miss it. I kept talking about a gym membership but Justin didn’t think I would actually use it once the novelty wore off. I bottom-lined him: What would it take for him to feel like I would actually use the membership?

He answered: “Close your green exercise ring every day until the end of the month.”


The green ring is the hardest for me to close. I have figured out the trick though — using the actual activity app in the Other Workout mode works best. If I don’t actually start a workout through the app, the exercise ring rarely registers anything I do.

So I created a contract (thanks Criminal Justice degree) and we both signed it. I magnetized it to the fridge with the dates I needed to close the ring. Each day I closed the ring and checked it off and got a high five from Justin when he came home.

And a kiss. 🙂

I’m super proud of myself and looking forward to lifting again. Lifting heavy, I might add. Not weakly weights. That’s probably a good topic for another post.

Accountability Time

Today was actually pretty good. I drank coffee for breakfast with sugar-free creamer (which I actually hate, btw), had a ham and veggie cheese sandwich for lunch (veggie cheese rocks), and then didn’t eat again until dinner. Which didn’t happen for Justin and I until after seven o’clock.

I was starving.

Waiting that long makes me feel a bit lightheaded but I didn’t want to snack. Typically, this is what leads to binge-eating for me. I’ll be strict and disciplined for a few days then fall off the wagon.

We had coupons for Moe’s (“Welcome to Moe’s”–love that!) so we ordered online and Justin picked it up. My hero. I threw some hot dogs in the pot for the kiddies and we had an easy breezy, queso-cheesy dinner. Day 2: Stop Binge-eating

In an effort to make the quesadilla healthier, since it was definitely getting dipped into creamy cheese, I loaded it up with onions, peppers, mushrooms, pico…all the good stuff. After letting it settle, I had a few bites of tiramisu and downed some water. All in all, a good day.

Catch Up!

If you missed the first post, start here: Day 1.



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Bethany Jett

Bethany Jett loves sipping coffee and jamming in her planner while raising three boys with her college sweetheart Justin.

October 2, 2016

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  1. Kristen Stieffel

    LOL I had Moe’s today. Might have been healthier if I hadn’t eaten all the chips. And gone to Menchie’s afterward for frozen yogurt. I fool myself into thinking that if I get the “no sugar added” yogurt that it’s somehow better for me. Doesn’t stop me from topping it with chocolate and caramel. 🙁

    But I did go to the gym today and put in half an hour on the treadmill. Since I can crank the treadmill up to a 15-degree incline, I get a better workout that way than if I just walk around the neighborhood, which is totally flat.

    • Bethany Jett

      Moe’s and Menchie’s is my fave combination! haha!!! I need to get on a treadmill – still shopping for one!


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