Dating Rule #5 – Be Proud of your Smarts

Smart girls are sexy.


Remember the “Valley Girl” stereotype? Blonde girl twirling her hair around her finger, smacking her gum and saying “Whaaaaahhhtt??”

It seems that on television there is always a pretty girl who is stupid. Her role on the show is to be the comedy relief.  For example, on the show The Big Bang Theory, Penny is the waitress who lives across the hall from two genius physicists. Cute, blonde . . . and dumber than doorknobs.

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My brother follows a Guys’ Only twitter, and tonight’s tweet was “Grammatically correct chicks are way hotter.”

When it popped up on his phone, he laughed, read it out loud to me, and said, “It’s true!”

He’s right. What guy really wants to spend evening after evening with a girl he can’t have a conversation with? Jessica Simpson is now famous for her barrage of stupid sayings and if you happened to watch The Newlyweds when it was on, you could see her husband’s reaction to the absurd things coming out of her mouth. He wasn’t impressed.

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I secretly believe that the majority of things Jessica said were on purpose, but I am in the minority here.

Smart girls are confident.

Confidence is sexy.

NEVER EVER EVER dumb yourself down to impress a boy or to make him look smarter. Our society has such a problem with stereotyping and the smart girl is usually portrayed in the media as a mousy, glasses-wearing bookworm with no backbone and no boyfriend. She is the girl always in need of the make-over.

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She’s All That, House Bunny, Glee . . . you can keep the list going . . .
It’s not cute that you can’t spell . . . it’s not cute that you mispronounce words . . . it’s not cute to call yourself stupid or dumb.

Study hard, ladies. Be proud of the intelligence God gave you. Let’s celebrate the beautiful, strong women who use their heads.

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I love that the main character in the show Bones is a PhD forensic anthropologist who makes no excuses for her intelligence (although she does need some help in the people-skills department).
But let’s look at a couple of real-life smarties . . .
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Sarah Palin, Alaska’s youngest and first female Governor, was voted as one of the sexiest female politicians in 2009.
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Our First Lady, Michelle Obama, is highly accomplished, holding degrees from Princeton and Harvard Law School. 

My brother and husband are chowing down on cookies and “mm-hmmm-ing” as I share the details of this dating rule. 
“That’s why I ask girls who won the Civil War,” my brother, Nathaniel, said. “If they don’t know,” he waved his hand, “then you don’t date them. . . and most girls don’t know who won.”

I like the way he thinks.

. . . and girls . . . the North won.

When a girl doesn’t have common sense, it frustrates a guy and his thoughts are “if she doesn’t know this, what else doesn’t she know?”  For example, if a guy offers you buffalo wings and your response is “I didn’t know buffalos had wings.” Blah.

I was just informed that the absolute worst thing is when a smart girl PLAYS dumb. And girls, if you’re reading this blog, you’re not dumb.

You’re the smartest girls I know.

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December 22, 2011

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