Christmas Eve Eve & Settlers of Catan

Anyone else cranky today?

My mom, brother, and I are all high on the Quality Time aspect of the Five Love Languages. Last night, we stayed up until almost 3 AM playing my new favorite game of all time — Settlers of Catan.


Have you played?

It’s awesome.

I need expansion packs or something, since I need more of a strategy than just collecting the 10 points needed to win.

Why am I cranky?

Lack of sleep.

Three nights in a row, I’ve been up past 2 AM and had to get up the next mornings early.

My kids are up at the crack of dawn, of course, making noise, yelling, fighting, spinning tops all over the place. And I yelled. Then sat. And apologized.

My extreme tiredness doesn’t give me license to take it out on them.

The stress of not being ready for the production of Christmas doesn’t give me license to be on edge.

Let’s take a deep breath and remember that no one is grading us on how great Christmas dinner is, how beautiful the presents are wrapped, or if the house is spotless.

Enjoy your families and friends. Eat lots of great food. Play Settlers of Catan.

Happy Christmas Eve eve.



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Bethany Jett

Bethany Jett loves sipping coffee and jamming in her planner while raising three boys with her college sweetheart Justin.

December 23, 2013

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