Apparently “disagreement” is equivalent to “discrimination.”

You can get away with doing or saying almost anything on television, as long as you don’t dare disagree with homosexuality. Because as we all know, when you disagree, you automatically become a hating, intolerant, un-Christian, close-minded, condemning-to-hell, terrible person.

According to this “logic,” since I disagree with the cameras installed over the intersections, I must hate all law enforcement laws and  officers.

I disagree that pre-marital sex is okay, so I must hate everyone who has participated. I guess that means I hate my husband.

I disagree that divorce is okay, so I must hate everyone who has been divorced.

I disagree that abortion should be legal, so therefore, I must hate everyone who has had one.

With society’s new definition of  “disagree,” I guess I have a lot of people to unfriend on Facebook. I guess there’s a lot of people that need to unfriend me.

What bothers my spirit is that somehow there is an overlying sense that if you disagree with homosexuality, if you think it’s wrong, then you must hate and condemn people to hell. I don’t get that. There are always extremists, but since when do we let the extremes become the rule?

I have gay friends. We respect each other’s beliefs, agreeing to disagree, and yet we remain close because we love each other. Because homosexuality doesn’t define them. There’s no discriminating, condemning, or hating.

Conversely, I’ve had friends who have “come out” and suddenly I’m blocked on Facebook. Friend requests are ignored. Radio silence. For years. One guy was my closest friend when I was in college. I love him so much and am so thankful that God brought him into my life. He rivals my sister’s ability to make me laugh harder than anyone else can. My best memories of college have him in them.

But apparently he is more important to me than I am to him, since our friendship wasn’t worth him letting me in. Nope. He’s shut me out and I didn’t do anything to deserve it. I disagree with him on the topic, and even though we never talked about it, he vanished and won’t even give me a chance.

It stinks.

And that was a rabbit trail I didn’t mean to go down.

Phil Robertson’s time-out makes me un-happy-happy-happy. Good job, A&E with your punishment. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

Read the Robertson family’s official statement here.



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Bethany Jett

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December 20, 2013

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