Stretching Hours

Good morning, my darling sweet one on the other side of the screen. I had this amazing post that I was going to write today, and did it happen???


Do you feel like you’re juggling way too many plates? Wearing five-too-many hats (hopefully cute ones)? Are you stressed??????

If you are, let’s breathe in a deep calming breath, wiggle our shoulders appropriately for wherever you happen to be, and say a prayer for our sisters who are in the same water-is-flooding-the-boat situation we are in.

What’s going on to make us feel so tired? burdened? stressed? anxious? I have some ideas.



Family issues.

Personal issues.

Not wanting to let anyone down.

Being unable to say no.

The pressure of keeping commitments.

The need for income.

The need to please.

The need to fulfill a goal.

The need to feel important.

I don’t know where that list ends. I know that I have too many things to do, not enough time to do them, and not enough left of me to be present with the people I love most.

I actually have countdown timers in my head for when I’ll be able to let things go. In a few months, this will be over. A few months after that, this will have ended. A year after that, I’ll be finished with this.

Jesus says His yoke is light, and because I believe that is absolutely true, it means that many of the stresses I’m facing are of my own doing. I have found that starting my morning reading my Bible and jotting a few lines in my journal are extremely helpful.

My best friend and I will constantly text each other in the mornings, asking each other to pray that God extends our hours.

I don’t know how He does it. Tasks get finished faster. My brain is more focused. Whatever He’s allowing to happen works, because when I show God that He is more important than my to-do list, blatantly tell Him how stressed I am and all the things that MUST get done, and humbly ask for His help, the hours don’t fly.

They stretch.

Laughable? Maybe. All I know is that it works. The last time she and I were praying for my hours to extend, I remember standing in my kitchen, staring dumbfounded at the digital numbers on my oven, wondering how in the world I had finished half my list before 10:30 AM.

God’s grace and provision.

Before I get a butt-load of comments from people complaining that I’m “using” God or treating Him like a magic spell, let me say, “rubbish.”

God knows I’m stressed. He knows that sometimes I wish my only responsibilities were playing with my children and keeping the house clean. He knows I’m worried that I’m not doing enough with my writing career, that I’m going to miss a deadline for school, or that someone will think I’m not doing enough at church.

He knows that I worry that my kids see me attached to a computer all day because that’s where my “life” is – school, work, writing, preparing.

God knows these things, and I think that anyone who claims to have a relationship with God and is not honest with Him about the way they feel is not as close to Him as they could be. So no, I don’t wake up and say, “Extend my hours, God. Please sprinkle your Heavenly dust on me and let time slow down.” And then expect it to happen.

It’s a request I make for myself, one that I pray for my friends, and when I give God some time first thing, and then start working hard, I believe “feeling” like the hours are extended is a blessing He bestows because He loves me.

What’s on your plate today? I’m praying right now as I type these words that everyone who reads this post will be blessed by an extension of hours. I pray, too, that you’ll find a way to give God a little bit of time before you start your busy day, and I pray that you are able to share with Him every insecurity, doubt, joy, excitement, worry, and every possible emotion you’re experiencing.

All my love to you. Have a wonderful and safe weekend, my sweet one. Can’t wait to connect with you again next week.

Strengthening Relationships: Is there someone in your life that you can ask to pray for you when you’re feeling stressed? The Bible says “Where two or more are gathered in my name, there will I be also” (Matthew 18:20). I don’t think you have to be physically gathered. Text or call a friend and ask them to pray with you. It’s freeing to the soul. 



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Bethany Jett

Bethany Jett loves sipping coffee and jamming in her planner while raising three boys with her college sweetheart Justin.

October 18, 2013

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