The Secret to Surviving the Suck

[guestpost]**update** God moved us out of the ‘sucky’ period, but I keep it live because this post continues to be a heartfelt acknowledgement that somtimes God moves us out of our comfort zones for a world that is far greater than we could ever imagine.[/guestpost]Some nightmares break with the dawn. Others survive the daylight.

For over a decade, each even-numbered year starting in 2000 has been life-changing. I’ve named each after its greatest accomplishment:

2000 – went to my dream school – Florida State University

2002 – met Justin Jett, the love of my life

2004 – made his name mine

2006 – baby boy #1

2008 – baby boy #2

2010 – baby boy #3

2012 – Signed agent and publishing contracts for my book!!!

Last year ruined the trend.

2014 – The. Year. Of. Suck.

Early in 2014 mixed two major life changes for our family. My biological family broke internally, and my spiritual community was torn as well.  [pullquote]Some nightmares break with the dawn. Others survive the daylight.[/pullquote]

Some disasters strike quickly, ripping a hole in your heart without warning. Some tragedies warn you, but you’re never prepared for the depth of the cut. They leave you breathless. Gasping for air.

We saw it coming so I wrapped my arms around Justin while he held on to the reins, and waited for our eight seconds to be over so I could get off the ride. Life bucked, and we fell, our feet caught in a stirrup of consequences. Justin and I grabbed our babies tight while circumstances beyond our control dragged us through gravel for the rest of the year.

There is a cycle of blaming others, blaming ourselves, blaming no one. Heart-bruises hurt, and when pressed, they cry. Pain returns.

We’re not through this valley yet. I watch my husband – one of the kindest, smartest, most amazingly loving people I’ve ever met – experience forms of embarrassment and humiliation that rock my soul. It’s been a lesson to my children every day, and I praise God for his example. Justin leads us as he follows God.

We’ve likened this past year to the Israelites journey from Egypt – tongue in cheek. I’m thankful for a roof over my head and more than honey bread to put on the table.

Occasionally in our home, you’ll hear Justin or me yell from the laundry room or as we pass each other in the halls “We thank God for the manna, but we’re praying for the Promised Land.”

Our personal prayer has become our mantra. Our secret to surviving. In the times you find yourself huddled in the darkest corners of your troubled heart, I pray it can be yours as well.



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Bethany Jett

Bethany Jett loves sipping coffee and jamming in her planner while raising three boys with her college sweetheart Justin.

March 2, 2015

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  1. Judy Bales

    Wow! Bethany, of course I had no idea. You are such an uplifting presence on facebook. I appreciate your vulnerability that encourages us as we travel through our own year(s).of.suck. I am going to start using your mantra.

    God Bless you girl (and your family),

  2. Bethany Jett

    Thanks, Judy!!! You are always an encouragement!!! God bless you, too!

  3. David Mike


    • Bethany Jett

      Thanks, David Mike!

  4. Laura Harris

    Wow, you write beautifully, Bethany. This is the first piece of your literature I’ve read – but I’ve seen you in the 30 Days of Hustle group always being positive and supportive, so I was drawn toward your blog. This encourages me to express myself more in my writing. I’ve been blogging as a hobby since 2006, but last month I launched a blog to use as a business, so I’ve felt the pressure to stay concise and get straight to the point. But your post was a breath of fresh air, so thank you for staying in your “voice” and for being vulnerable. Keep it up.

    • Bethany Jett

      That was one of the sweetest things. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. It means so much. I’ve always felt a little constricted…like I needed to stay “on point” for my platform, but I think sometimes we need to just let go of what standards we think people have set for us…as long as we’re still adding value to our readers. I wish you THE BEST of everything and we’re going to have to connect on Facebook and in the group. I love that group. 🙂


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