Public Speaking Panic

I’m preparing for two speaking engagements this week.

My first talk is for approximately 75 high school girls. They’ll see a prom fashion show, have dinner, listen to me speak on confidence, and then they’ll visit different pampering stations. They’ll also get to pick out a prom dress.


Then I’ll be speaking at a friend’s church to their women’s group on Fresh Starts. I am so excited about both talks, and I’m working so hard to get my outlines and practicing finished. Confidence outline papersWhen I’m working on a talk, I use the giant white paper boards and brainstorm (paper on the left). Then I take a fresh sheet and start outlining. This is the first editing phase of my process, and even though I love speaking in front of an audience, this is where I go into public speaking panic mode.

I’m on the downswing of Panic Mode now, but last night it was in full force!

How do you deal with Public Speaking Panic? Here’s what I did:

  • Locked myself in my room
  • Did about 12 minutes of yoga
  • Played on Facebook (procrastinating)
  • Prayed
  • Worked on my outline
  • Slept

Preparation is the main trigger of public speaking panic. I’m not ready to go on stage for either talk. Not yet. I’m almost there, but after today, I’ll be ready. Once the talk is firm in my mind and heart, 80% of the fear of speaking is gone.

Having some time away from the project helps, too. So this morning, I’m ready to tackle it. As of right now, only about 45% of the brainstorming stuff made the cut to the outline.

After I get some nourishment, I’ll be back at the drawing board, tightening my outline. Then I’ll don my heels and practice. And practice. And practice.

Then food.

And practice some more.

I appreciate any prayers you want to toss to God – traveling mercies, that I say the right words, aka God’s words, and that the talks will go well.

[reminder]How do you prepare for a speech…or match, race, event, anything!? Do you go into Panic Mode? What helps you not panic?[/reminder]



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Bethany Jett

Bethany Jett loves sipping coffee and jamming in her planner while raising three boys with her college sweetheart Justin.

March 11, 2014

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  1. Heather Snodgrass

    Panic/fear of the talk can be handled. After I pin point the fear or insecurity, and handle it with prayer. I have found that in rare cases the insecurity has led me to see that I was not following God’s plan for that particular talk… He wanted me to dig deeper. On another case, I started to ramble during the talk and got nervous… I took a deep breath took a step back and started laughing. It was actially benificial because it showed some of those who heard my talk that i was human like them. When the panic come diring the talk, i just take a step back because and trust God worked it out during the process and I take a breath and pray right then for God to move. The hardest part for me is the after. I:ve learned that I HAVE to leave for about 10 min after the talk to pray and collect myself. I actually disconnect from the talk at that time and just be normal me. My process and my talk are seperate from me so that I can disconnect from it after.