High-Maintenance Mentality

I brought two dresses, nine pairs of pants, ten tops, and twelve pairs of shoes for the writers conference.

For four days.

When I asked Justin to retrieve the suitcase from the attic, my sweet husband heard, “Please get the smallest carry-on we own.”

kids suitcase

How long have we been married?

My shoe bag was bigger than that teal pocketbook he grabbed, bless his heart.

shoe bag

In honor of the eight bags of various sizes that I ended up bringing, I pulled an excerpt from The Cinderella Rule. 

High-maintenance? Mid-maintenance? You decide.

[callout]I threatened to wear jeans to my senior prom.High Res 50 percent cover Cinderella Rule

During my mandatory eighth grade summer school session, I wanted nothing more than to beat every guy in basketball and hide my blossoming figure. I loved football and made sure everyone knew it.

My jeans were baggy, my t-shirts baggier. I didn’t care to know the difference between foundation and powder. Lipstick was a dirty word and the only time a brush went through my hair was after a shower.

Now, I can’t pack for a weekend without having a bag for toiletries, hair supplies, makeup, and shoes. I have three cosmetic bags, each supplied with mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow and some sort of foundation or powder. I love hair and makeup tutorials (thank you, YouTube), and I find it relaxing to watch Netflix while curling my hair.

I’m not low-maintenance and I’m not high-maintenance, so I have dubbed that central ground as “mid-maintenance. Justin says only a high-maintenance person would invent a new maintenance category. I digress. [/callout]

[reminder]How many bags do you normally take on a trip? Can you fit everything into two carry-ons?[/reminder]



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