How the Car Line Helped Me Learn Patience

Our van has automatic doors.

This was revolutionary, since our old van had automatic NOTHING. It goes to my head a little, when I can push a button on the ceiling and either side door will open on its own.

It’s the small things.

However, the van doors do not automatically open unless the van is in park. This is a great safety feature, of course, but I admit I get a little antsy in the car line because I don’t want to be the parent who is holding up the line.

Once I’m in position and my kids are ready to leave the warmth of the van and barrel into the crisp morning air, I shift the gear into park and hit the side door button as fast as I can. I say my good-byes and as soon as my little ones’ feet are safely on the ground and out of range, I punch the close button and go back into drive mode.

This morning, I drove off too fast.

I was at the front of the line. My children were safely at the door to the school. I got nervous being in the front and shifted into drive too soon. The sliding door slowly started closing like it normally does, but stopped half way.

I slowed down (from 3 mph to 1 mph) and punched the button again.

The door started going backwards…reopening.

At this point, one of the little girls wearing a “car line helper” reflective vest and proudly waving a reflective flag yelled, “The door isn’t closing!” and ran to assist.

Except manually pulling the door usually makes it worse.

The door got stuck again.

I put the van in park, repeated the steps, waited for the door to finish closing.

Was I embarrassed?

Not really.

Did I feel stupid?


Sometimes there are lessons in the smallest of things and what I learned about myself is that I need to stop and take a breath. I need to learn patience.

Life’s not always a race.

The parents behind me are okay to wait the four seconds it takes to completely shut the van door before I pull ahead into traffic. This anxiety over something so trivial needs to stop.

So today, I’m not going to rush when rushing isn’t needed. When I pick up my kids from school, I’ll stay parked until the door is completely shut…and I won’t feel guilty about it.

[reminder]Is there anything you do that makes you feel like you’re rushing when it’s not necessary? Please share![/reminder]


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Bethany Jett

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January 22, 2015

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