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Hi friends! I know I was supposed to post yesterday but time got away from me. Does that ever happen to you? It happens to me more than I’d like to admit. So I’m playing catch up today. I’m excited to share some of my friends with you!

First and foremost, though, congratulations to Laura L. Smith for winning a copy of The Best Advice I Ever Got on Marriage from Focus on the Family. I’ll be contacting you later to get the book sent! (Winner chosen from

Blog Hopping!

As you know, last week I participated in a Blog Hop (read post here), which my mother, award-winning author Johnnie Alexander Donley invited me to participate in.

I tagged a few authors who are participating as well. I encourage you to check them out! My favorite part of the Blog Hop is seeing which actors and actresses the authors would choose to play their characters in a movie!

Laura L. Smith – Coincidentally the winner of the book giveaway! Her books are fantastic reads for teens and young adults on serious situations. Laura is one of the sweetest people I know, as well as a snazzy dresser! I wish she and I lived in the same city because she’s got a personality you can’t get enough of.

She was also my fantastic roommate at our literary agency’s author conference in Chicago a couple of months ago. I could have stayed up all night chatting but she had an extremely early flight. Laura, why didn’t we get a picture together?!?!?!?

Rajdeep Paulus – a.k.a. Raj. Spunky, friendly, and funny, I met Raj at the McGregor conference mentioned above. She also writes YA fiction (notice a trend here?) and I had a blast listening to her tell stories and just get to know her.

Raj is a beautiful person and someone you’ll want to follow on Twitter, Facebook, her blog . . . everywhere!! And needless to say, we didn’t get a picture together, either.  🙁

Laura Anderson Kurk – I met this Laura at the same conference and let me tell you, she is also one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. She and Laura Smith were dubbed “Team Laura” at the conference due to their similar personalities and similar writing content.

Laura also writes YA fiction, and her book Glass Girl is being re-released this spring, along with a sequel! She writes from the heart, and her characters are honest, real, and timeless. You’ll get swept up in the story. Check her out!

Other authors to check out:

Melissa Tagg‘s debut novel, Made to Last, releases in fall 2013. She is spunky and fun and I enjoyed getting to know her at the McGregor Literary Conference!

She is a member of My Book Therapy and has guest posts every Wednesday on her blog. Check her out!

Winter Austin

Military wife Winter A. Peck is as real as they get. Once you meet her, you are friends for life. Winter’s first published book, Stitched in Love, is the part of the Threads of Love anthology that releases in March of 2013. 

You can also find her under Winter Austin for her book Relentless.

Clay Morgan – my fellow YA non-fiction writer! He is the author of UnDead: Revived, Resuscitated, Reborn. “What does it mean to be truly alive?”

He’s into zombies and things of that nature, and is working on some exciting projects!



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December 12, 2012

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