BigStuf 2013

We are here at BigStuf Daytona Beach and loving every minute of it.

Jon Acuff spoke last night, and I missed it. I even tweeted earlier about how excited I was to hear him speak. But…my little one had a bit of a panic/anxiety attack when he realized he’d been duped into going to our hotel room without me. So Josey and I snuggled and played and missed it. 🙁

Now our youth kids are “Jesus-Juking” each other.

Today we had John Mark Comer from Portland speak about discipleship, and while some of it was familiar, I have a new perspective for how the disciples felt when Jesus came to them and asked them to follow Him. And I feel special and humbled because that request is the same for us, yet I treat it so lightly and take it for granted.

The disciples knew the worth of the offer. I want my actions and life to show that I understand and appreciate how special it is to follow Jesus.

To top the morning off, we were blessed beyond measure with a special performance from the Daraja Children’s Choir of Africa. They quoted Scripture in between leading us in worship and watched videos of their life in Uganda.

Daraja Children Choir of Africa picmonkey

One little girl’s baby brother walks by himself to school. He’s three.

Slack-jawed, I looked at my husband in disbelief. This is my two-year-old. I don’t let him walk outside my front door without me.

It’s okay…drink in his cuteness.

Josey cup picmonkey

The girl from the Daraja choir said, “It’s only about 40 minutes. It’s not too far.”

And as I thought about how driving to the Taco Bell (1.8 miles, 6 minutes tops) is too far to go, I was shame-faced.

I have so much…

and that’s where my thoughts are at this point in the day. Excited to worship with David Crowder and wishing all my friends knew how incredible this camp was.



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June 18, 2013

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