The Vulnerability of Writing

Writing = vulnerability.


The publishing world is full of rejection, just like life. But in this literary arena, we aren’t rejected because of who we are.


The rejection is of the outpourings of our souls.

Or celebrated, depending on the subjectivity of the person reading our manuscript. It’s a gamble, the thrill of perfecting our craft.

At its simplest, writing is a matter of putting the right letters in the right order at the right time. Nothing to it, n’est-ce pas?

Perspective is everything, my darlings. When an editor takes the time to let your agent know why you’ve been rejected, consider it a win. Sure, your book won’t be sold to that house, but feedback is gold in this industry. Apply what they say, rearrange those letters and words on those pages, and try again.

Strive for vulnerability.

Let the world see you bleed.

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