Days 7 – 15: Off the Wagon

This is not a health & fitness blog, but when I saw the #Write31Days Challenge, I knew I wanted to pick a topic that I struggled with. In order to lead a Brilliant Life, the stress-eating has to stop. Welcome to the 31 Days to Stop Binge-Eating collection. Glad you’re here! #LiveBrilliant
I’m lame.

Bethany Jett, #Write31Days

I really thought I’d blog each day but alas. Here we are at Day 15. I’ve totally binged. On the way to speak at a fundraiser for the HOPE Resource Center, I enjoyed more than my share of snack-age. Staples for the road trip: caramel cremes, honey bbq Fritos, and a sugar-free Monster energy drink.

Ick. Yuck. Gross.

I am proud that we didn’t stop to eat fast food on the way, except for grabbing Wendy’s drive-thru and heading back to the hotel. I’ve found it’s easier to make sandwiches and have chips, drinks, apple & grape packets, etc on hand in the boys’ individual lunch boxes so we have less stops. On the way home, we were able to stop at an exit with a Walmart so I grabbed a freshly made sub.

Not great choices, especially when combined with #AllTheCandy. I’m still feeling a bit bloated from all the junk and I’m looking forward to not traveling for a while. However, I’m speaking at a local ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) meeting today so I’m eating fruit and a bagel to starve off any cravings for junk.

However, I’ve renewed my will and this week will be healthy (…er…healthier) eating and exercise. And perhaps I”ll try to stop the Diet Pepsi.

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