The Vulnerability of Writing


Writing = vulnerability. The publishing world is full of rejection, just like life. But in this literary arena, we aren’t rejected because of who we are. No. The rejection is of the outpourings of our souls. Or celebrated, depending on the subjectivity of the person reading our manuscript. It’s a gamble, the thrill of perfecting […]

Through the Eyes of Hope Released Today!!!!

Through the Eyes of Hope,

Writing a book is a long journey. Even before you write a single word, there is a process of outlining the story, negotiating deadlines, and finally getting a signed contract. Today is the culmination of months of work. I’m thrilled to be part of Through the Eyes of Hope: Love More, Worry Less, and See God in the Midst of Adversity, […]

Be the CEO of your Life

Be the CEO of Your Life;

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I spent New Year’s weekend redesigning a new Semi-Annual planner to add to the My Moments collection. My menfolk took a boys-only trip out-of-state and I was left blissfully alone, the house, the TV, the food to myself. Heaven. I made chicken pot pie with a biscuit-subbed-for-pie-crust topping, binged Hotel Hell […]

Shadowbox Worthy Gifts

Shadowbox Worthy Gifts,

It’s past my kids’ bedtime. They have their screens upstairs, so I know they’re not asleep. Honestly, I don’t really care that they’re still awake. Justin is laying across the ottoman, his legs outstretched, his head resting on our wingback chair as he reads some articles on his phone. I’m wedged between our couch’s chaise […]

Day 6: Eating before Public Speaking

31 Days to Stop Binge-Eating

stop binge-eating,

Tonight I’m speaking a pregnancy crisis center fundraiser and I am beyond jazzed. But with public speaking comes nervous jitters and delicate tummies. I definitely won’t binge-eating tonight, unless it’s after the fundraiser. Bring it on. Tips for Eating Before Public Speaking To prepare for tonight’s talk, I ate a balanced breakfast of cheerios and […]

31 Days to Stop Binge-Eating

Day One

31 Days to Stop Binge-Eating,

Fun thing–this month begins a new challenge called Write 31 Days. All over this great nation, and possibly the world, bloggers everywhere are starting their series on numerous topics. Mine: 31 Days to Stop Binge-Eating. Honestly… Binge-eating is a symptom of other issues. Like stress. As I was researching my Meyers Briggs personality (INFJ), I […]

Get Off the Dock

Three Ways to Live Brilliantly

Get Off the Dock

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about anchors and boats these past few weeks as I prepared to speak at FCC Kissimmee for their Ladies Tea “Get Off the Dock.” Their theme came from Hebrews 6:19: “We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place.” […]

Writers Conferences Change Lives

writers conferences

Our special guest Eva Marie Everson chats with us about writers conferences! Two of my favorite conferences – Florida Christian Writers Conference and Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. Benefits of Writers Conferences Networking – “THE opportunity for writers to connect with other writers, agents, editors, and other creatives.” How to Get Ready Have a proposal ready. Practice […]

Eight Core Values that are Important to the Digital Generation

Social Saturday with Ronei Harden

digital generation

Tomorrow we’re chatting about the eight core values that are important to the digital generation from the book Grown Up Digital. We’ll have three generations represented to discuss how things have changed and how each generation responds to them and transforms industries.

Top Influencers, Programs, Books, Mistakes, Wins, & a Gift for You

Annual Review

Ready for some goodies? I’ve been stalling writing this post because I wanted to make sure I included all the value I want to share. Yet today I was inspired by one of my top influencers {check out John Meese’s annual review} and knew it was time to share. Even-numbered years have been great for Justin […]