6 Skincare Secrets to Look 24 Forever

6 Skincare Secrets to Look 24 Forever @ BethanyJett.com

Just kidding. You can’t look like you’re twenty-four years old forever, unless you’re Gwyneth Paltrow or Cindy Crawford. Just kidding. You can. Both women have stringent skin care routines, and ladies, I promise you. If you take care of your skin, it will take care of you. Today is my birthday [cue Happy Birthday song] […]

35 Things Only Women with a Mid-Maintenance Fashion Sense Understand

I can’t get enough of lists like “Top Signs You’re….,” “Five Things Only a ______ Will Get” and “You May be ______ if…” LOVE them. So much so that after my bestie posted “19 Things Only Women with a Low Maintenance Fashion Sense Understand” on Facebook, I had to create my list. The Mid-Maintenance list. […]

Makeup Won’t Send you to Hell

I was applying mascara the other day when I remembered a discussion regarding the sinfulness of cosmetics. Basically, the people involved were saying that wearing makeup was sinful. The more naked your face, the closer to Jesus and all that. I’m pretty conservative – no shocker there – but when non-sin issues are tossed around […]

God is not Sephora

Thousands of pretty bottles, tubes, and jars line the shelves of my favorite beauty store. Known for high-end, try-before-you-buy cosmetics, Sephora is like Christmas morning to me. Friendly faces greet you when you enter, offering assistance on the best foundation for your skin tone, awesome eyeliner tips, and which lipstick will best suit your coloring. […]

High-Maintenance Mentality

I brought two dresses, nine pairs of pants, ten tops, and twelve pairs of shoes for the writers conference. For four days. When I asked Justin to retrieve the suitcase from the attic, my sweet husband heard, “Please get the smallest carry-on we own.” How long have we been married? My shoe bag was bigger […]

Makeup Monday: Lip Plumpers Deflate Expectations & 5 AM Club

We made it to 2014, and as promised, Makeup Mondays begin. There is nothing spiritual about lip plumper. I’m not making any references to lip vanity, trying to Scripturalize lip gloss, or make assertions that the bigger the lips, the closer to God……. We’re just gonna talk makeup for a few minutes. In the Power […]

Power of Makeup Part 7: Lips & Beauty Bag

A bold lip brings attention to your eyes. I heard that years ago, and I don’t understand the “how”or “why,” but it’s true. There are many lip products – lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss, lip plumper, lip primer, lip stain, lip balm. Overwhelming is an understatement. If you were blessed with perfect lips like my […]

Power of Makeup series, Part 6: Mascara & Beauty Bag Sneak Peek

We’re nearing the end of the Power of Makeup series and I’m thrilled to talk about my favorite makeup product ever — MASCARA!!! My rule of thumb: 2 coats of mascara for the daytime. 3 coats…or 4 or 5…for night. I usually do 2-3 for day! Mascara is the icing on the cake, if you […]

Power of Makeup series Part 5b: Eyeliner and Accent Colors

Eyeliner and an accent shade of eyeshadow take a natural or two-shadow look from ordinary to amazing. The accent color is the most important part of your eyeshadow, and can be the hardest to apply correctly if you tend to be heavy-handed. Eyeliner The purpose of eyeliner is to define the lash area. Always “push” […]

Power of Makeup series Part 5: Eyeshadow

The power of makeup really comes across when you’ve got great looking eyes. I think for most people, their eyes are the best feature to play with for a few reasons: Eye contact. Eyes are the window to the soul. Excuse me, my eyes are up here. Your eyes give other people’s eyes a place […]