Office Before and After

office before and after

Today I guest posted for the Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference on why your workspace matters. Be sure to check it out. As a fun bonus, I thought I’d show you behind the scenes of my current office, the office I loooooooove. This room functions as an office and guest bedroom, but is the one […]

After a couple of late nights, I came downstairs to find the Oreos and Chewy Nabiscos on the table. Instead of beating myself up (which I did for a hot minute), I looked at this as a win-win.

  1. My kids were resourceful enough to feed themselves.
  2. My kids didn’t waste an opportunity for something they wanted.
  3. I didn’t have to clean up spilled milk from the table.

In actuality, I’ve taught my boys how to fix their own breakfast, within reason. Toast, cereal, and oatmeal are typical breakfast fare in the Jett house. I like that they can eat when they want to, especially if they wake up in the wee hours of the morning. Also, I don’t super care that they ate cookies for breakfast…but I thought it made a funny meme.

And for any health nut naysayers, here’s to coffee full of creamer, donuts, frosting-less cupcakes called muffins, danishes, bagels with cream cheese schmears, biscuits and gravy, and all other delicious “breakfast” food. I’m including cookies in the list now. 🙂

Best Tools for your Work-At-Home Business

with Shalon Ironroad Tools for your Work at Home business

We have a treat for you today! Shalon Ironroad is a Business Management Consultant and Virtual Assistant Mentor. We’re sharing our lists of best tools to use for your Work-At-Home business!   Bethany’s List I’m currently using: New Kajabi (membership site and online store) Infusionsoft (email and Customer Relationship Management system aka CRM) Meet Edgar […]